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[Solved] Problem in viewing Hindi font on websites

In my previous post, I explained the way to read/write hindi or different regional fonts in MS word using several steps.
Here is the quick reference of it.

You may face a situation when you open some website and you see only rounded or square symbols intead of real text. You are not able to figure out, what to do. Then my suggestion is to follow below mentioned steps. It will surely help to get rid of such issues. I am using Windows 7 to test these features.

Steps to View Hindi or different font in website:

  1. If you are seeing square symbol over the page then follow the steps mentioned at our previous post
  2. If you are seeing round symbol, then there is problem with your browser's setting.

You need to find out Encoding sub-menu which remains present in different browser at different location. First location Encoding Menu and then make sure utf-8 encoding is checked. 

I will show it using screenshot for three major browsers i.e. IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

For Internet Explorer
utf-8 encoding setting in IE

For Mozilla Firefox
utf-8 encoding setting in Firefox

For Google Chrome
utf-8 encoding setting in Google Chrome

Warning: If you see Auto-Select (in IE) or Auto-Detect (in Chrome and Firefox) option, try to uncheck it, if possible.
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