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Taking a Quantum Leap into Wireless Technology

Quantum mechanicsQuantum Internet may be closer than what many people may believe. Based on quantum mechanics, information can be shared between two points without traveling through the space in between. In 1935, Einstein theorized of a "spooky" behavior that particles are still somehow connected through entanglement although they have been separated. The ability to tap this behavior could create security and ultra-fast access to information.

Today, researchers and developers are committed to utilizing the ability in order to improve Internet access. In May of 2014, the New York Times published an article about a report from the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology described how physicists were able to teleport information between two quantum bits over a span of approximately 10 feet with 100 percent accuracy. Using Einstein's "spooky action at a distance," scientists are confident they are on the right track for developing far faster and more secure Internet access. What implementations could this quantum Internet develop into?

Near Instant Access – By manipulating the quantum bits of one point, information is shared through entanglement at the other side instantaneously and without degradation of the information. On a large and commercialized scale, this could provide instant Internet access virtually anywhere within the world. It is theorized that quantum manipulation can across thousands of light years without moving through the space between objects. Theoretically, this could provide information sharing that would seem faster than light when considering distances. Communication, whether digital or interpersonal, would happen in real-time regardless of your location.

Secured at the Quantum Level – Securing a quantum Internet would be vastly superior in comparison to how technology has evolved thus far. Since the information does not travel through the space between two points, there is nothing for wireless intruders to "snoop" or "sniff." There would be no signals available for gaining access to a network that which one did not belong. Since scanning a particle to read information changes it, routers could ascertain if the information was otherwise accessed at any point. This provides another layer of protection should someone access the data at the source or end point. The encoding process is much more complex than trying to decipher even the most enhanced of encryption methods developed today.

What Aspects of Life Could this Effect?

There is a lot that can be developed from the aspect of disproving Einstein's disbelief in spooky behavior between particles. Faster and more secured Internet access is only the tip of a very large iceberg in terms of portability. Although teleporting solid mass such as a human 10 feet away may be a few decades away, what else can be derived from quantum Internet development in the near future?

  • Communication – Quantum mechanics can be used to develop communication systems that could span the globe without laying fiber optics or relaying satellites.

  • Reduced Internet Costs – Without the employees, cabling, time and maintenance involved in providing broadband Internet, the cost could decrease exponentially.

  • No Obstructions – As information is shared on the quantum level, obstructions such as walls would pose no threat to communication.

  • No Signal Degradation – Instead of wireless signals being disrupted and degraded from other wireless devices on the same frequency, communication would be 100 percent clear.

  • Improve Space Exploration – Quantum Internet could lay the foundation for communicating with deep space probes in real-time, this is not to mention communicating with manned missions to neighboring planets.

The use of quantum mechanics can improve life in a variety of ways. It could lay the ground work for various science fiction technologies many have grown to love in the "Star Trek" universe. What many people don't realize is that this technology is being developed right now. At the rate of technological development, you could very well see the first single celled organisms being teleported across vast distances within your lifetime, or perhaps even the beginning stages of atomic replication through reorganization of molecules – in other words, food replicators.

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