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Top 5 Browsers of year 2010/2011(predicted)

Browser imageIn internet world, we can’t get any info without web browsers. Isn’t it? Whatever we are looking for over internet, browsers will only display it. Right now you are reading this blog through some browser for sure. You might have used few different browsers and have rated according to your taste (requirements, comfort, efficient, add-ons support etc) . In 2009, Internet Explore was at the top. Mozilla Firefox at second position and Google chrome was at third position.
But in 2010, situation got changed. According to my observation/opinion (after doing some search on google and doing some analysis using Google analytics), browsers rank would be:

  1. Mozilla FirefoxFirefox

    • Well it’s my one of the favorite browsers too! I like its simplicity, customizing options, navigation speed, tabbed browsing (now common to every browser), integrated search engine etc.
    • It has more than 10 thousand active add-ons  which you can customize and enhance your web browsing experience.
    • It supports HTML 5 audio and video too!
    • It’s there by default in Linux Distros.
    • Its features are more useful and powerful but designed in very simple way, which I like in it.
    • Its much much faster now in comparison to version 3. Try to have Firefox v3.6+ and feel the difference
    • Firefox 3.5+ has integrated private browsing too that you can easily enter and leave the private mode, browsing seamlessly in complete stealth mode. I have tried it few times.
    • Lots of documents are there to support its features, where you can get in detail about its features and add-ons
    • Firefox is a FREE to download and most of the  add–ons are also free.
  2. Google Chrome Google chrome

    • If Google has developed something then how we can deny its greatness, name is enough to describe it. It uses complex features but have made it simple (but not so simpler like Firefox, as I felt).
    • It has also lots of updated features that you may need and tools are there.
    • Private more is also there, similar to Firefox. So security is there of course!
    • I liked its drag and drop feature (anywhere you wish)
    • I liked its another  unique tab feature that simplifies your browsing is “related tabs”. When a new tab opened, the new tab is placed next to the originating or parent tab, rather than at the end of your list of tabs. (This is not there in Firefox yet)
    • It uses “sandboxing”, which makes every tab to run independently in the browser. This is great because if a certain application crashes, it will stay isolated to that tab only, it will not affect any other tabs. Different processes run separately in their own tab. This technique helps  computer to stop  one tab from taking control of all others. Once you close a tab, that process is completely terminated.
    • It uses online task manager feature too, which comes handy for internet geeks.
    • Its also very fast and I have both browsers in my system along with other 3 browsers.
  3. Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

    • Although IE 9 is there in market, but still I like IE 7. IE 8 was a big flop, it seems. As most of the computer market has been captured by Microsoft’s Operating System which has Internet Explorer by default. That’s why, it is mostly used for browsing.
    • Its startup time is bit faster but navigation time is little slower than Firefox and Chrome
    • Now newer version is having add-ons, tabbed feature is also there and integrated search window is present too.
    • Internet Explorer 7+ has enhanced security features. It provides security for the entire family and offers extensive parental controls to protect children against web predators and inappropriate content.
  4. Opera opera

    • Another browser that enticed me towards it.  Best thing is you can configure Opera to fit your needs and your style. Arrange panels, toolbars and buttons and choose from several unique skins and various widgets.
    • Its everywhere, talk about any O.S. and mobile phone; it will be there J . Its one of the only browsers that has interactive voice commands. You can navigate the web by talking to the browser, and Opera will even read text to you.
    • Visual tabs, mouse gesture, opera turbo (double your speed in lower connection), Speed dial are some really amazing features in Opera.
    • Its free and more than 150 million are using it. I didn’t like its downloading features as it starts downloading my torrent files too L (not a big issue though)
  5. Safari Safari

    • Earlier when we use to hear this word, we thought that oh its only for Mac users but now not anymore, anyone can use it. Its look and feel is too cool. After all its apple’s product J
    • I like its colored progress bar on the toolbar that shows how fast a page is loading and how close it is to being complete.
    • You may feel tough at first site but its very user friendly like our top rated browsers
    • Its very fast and popular. Still I need to explorer its various features
    • Its secured too!

Other popular browsers are: -> Avant (UI effect is really cool and its user friendly too), ->Maxthon(It uses Internet Explorer engine internally and features lots of add-ons too. Very popular in China as it’s a Chinese product J ) and ->Flock (social networking website, so its popular because of Facebook, twitter and youtube integration)

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