ZEKE U7SVC Concepts

There are lot of scheduling tools like CA-7 , CA-11, Control M and ZEKE where the jobs are scheduled to run at particular time in Mainframe. ZEKE scheduling tool doesn’t have development version and it is used to schedule the job in production environment.If you code the command STEPNAME EXEC U7SVC in the JCL and want to test the JCL in development environment ,it will trigger the job in production environment provided that the the job which you are testing in develpoment already have a copy in production.

The code STEPNAME EXEC U7SVC will create a ZEKE schedule entry in Production even though you’re running your JOB in development. If any of your test JCL, CLIST’s, etc… execute the program U7SVC you are scheduling and executing production JOBS. Apparently the program U7SVC is a ZEKE program that inserts programs into it’s schedule and since ZEKE doesn’t run in DEV it executes the JOB in Production. This is NOT an acceptable alternative to scheduling overrides or following the proper channels to have code executed

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