FAQs LogoFor what purpose this site is?

  • It's a non-profit organization made for technical purpose.
  • This site is solely based on technical topics , by technical people for all internet users to server technically.
  • To make a bridge among students( technically involved), mentors, seasoned professionals, faculties, IT professionals.
  • Those who are interested in writing their own codes and publishing it to help others who might be searching the exact or look alike code are most welcome.
  • Discussions on Jobs and interviews related issues.
  • To have quiz session for almost all the topics, say HTML,PHP,Perl,Hardware, Software, Networking, Hacking etc which can be helpful to students, faculties and IT professionals. (Practically implemented quizzes will be posted).
  • We are ready to discuss on any  issues related to new technology, on web designing issues or Programming related issues or security breaches or operating systems issues whatever it is.

Who should join this site?

  • Anyone who has interest or wish to make career in Technical field.
  • Students from CSE/IT/ECE/EEE at least. (this site will be useful for whole mass who use internet).
  • Passionate Faculties to interact with students from different colleges and professionals from their research or interested domain. They can teach many students and make India technically more developed in minimal time 🙂
  • Dedicated IT professionals who wish to be in touch with other people of same domain or from different domain. They can share their knowledge with us through blogs and can discuss on topics of their interest in our forum section. Hence, it will create a bridge among students, faculties and IT professionals.
  • If you want to expose yourself with your witty ideas, algorithms, codes; this site is surely for you.
  • If you are searching something on net like programming codes (fully working codes) in different languages, platforms or wish to discuss something with our members then you must join and explore the Programming skills.

How this site is different from others?

  • At this  site you will find fully working source codes , at another website you will find some discussions on it but there are very few sites where you can get the exact solution of your problem in the way that you wish
    We are keeping this in mind specially and every code that will be posted in any topic will be fully tested and compiled , then only we will release the code. So you can rely upon our codes.
  • We try to help students from various technical domain from the scratch till the problem get solved.
  • Our quiz is based on practical aspects of the technology , not just theory based.
  • We provide on demand tutorials which include codes, screenshots, video tutorials too.
  • There is no site in India which provides mock interviews for freshers and experiences people but we do and that is also without any monetray benefit.

How I can register to  this website?

  • You can register to our website by clicking on "Create new account" which is at top left corner
  • Or you can login using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress accounts

I forgot the password. What Should I do now?
Click on "Request new password"  which is at top left corner

How I can update my Professional and personal details in this site?

  1. Click on My Account
  2. Then click on edit tab
  3. Then you will see four categorised tab as
  • account for account related updates
  • personal for your personal details
  • professional for your professional details
  • facebook to connect your facebook account with us.
  • Link other accounts for easy login even when you forget site's password 😀

How can I send invitation to my facebook friends?
We are working on it now.

Where I can ask my doubts/discussions?
We have Forum section for it. If you wish to share your knowledge, tutorials based things You may very well use our Blogging features

How to write code snippets ?
We have Geshi Filter module installed for your ease. So you need to icon "paste as plain text" and have your code betwee the given tag:
Your -Code


<br />
	#!/usr/bin/perl<br />
	use strict;<br />
	use warnings;<br />
	print &quot;Hello, World \n&quot;;<br />

Anything else?

  1. Yes, you can like our page on facebook
  2. Follow us at Twitter
  3. If you like our motto and want to be part of it join us.
  4. Spread the word personally to your friends, faculties, relatives through sharing our links , though mails etc.
  5. Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aliencoders
  6. Subscribe at Slideshare: http://www.slidshare.net/jassics
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