Upgrade to Firefox 6 – released on 16th August 2011

Little Introduction about Firefox with history

Firefox 6 released on 16th AugustFirefox 6 got released on 16th Aug 2011. I think it’s too early to release a newer version even when Firefox 4 and 5 are not in major use. But I feel the browser competition; especially with Google chrome’s frequent releases forced Mozilla to do so.

I am hard core user of Firefox browser and use lots of useful plug-ins for my day today activities over internet. According to W3schools around 42% internet users use Firefox and around 23% people use Internet Explorer. Another Major browser into the account is Google Chrome which is being used by almost 27% (increasing rapidly).  Browser statistics from various agents clearly depicts that Mozilla is a one sided winner in this browser’s race now.  Although Google Chrome is going to be a tough rival too! But who cares.

  • When Mozilla launched Firefox v1.0 in November 2004 then there was hardly 2% of internet users were using it.
  • Version 2.0 got released on October 2006. They did major enhancements and was being used by Linux users by default, apart from safari.
  • It leads the browser war after releasing v3.0 in June 2008 and it was the most stable version of Firefox till now. I am still using Firefox v3.6.3 in one of my computer. It’s never gave trouble to me though.

Later they found few major security bug, crash issues and lack of look and feel layout. They did few minor fixes and released version 4.0 on March 2011. Although very few people were using it. May be they didn’t want to switch from 3 to 4 . Anyways it was big failure from Mozilla side and they launched version 5.0 just after 3 months with all updated bug fixes and it was just similar to IE9 and Google Chrome.

But Firefox v6.0 took even lesser time to come into existence. Less than 2 months…. What happened to you Mozilla? Don’t be insane. You are still user’s favorite. You don’t need to do lots of fancy experiments like IE or Chrome and you don’t have to release every new version just after few months. Stop it Now dude!. Version 6 looks cool and I wish it will be into existence for a year at least.

 I personally appreciate Mozilla’s work for bringing up totally fast, elegant, more secured browser for us. Releases will go on , whenever system ,users or situation demands any changes. On 16th August Firefox v6.0 released and v7.0b1 has been started for newer release. It is usually with every software around the market. So welcome abode Firefox v6.0

Now chrome and IE users may switch to Firefox after using this version. There are  many features of this version which really impressed me:

  • It opens faster
  • Takes less space than previous Firefox, so less CPU memory consumption
  • Look and feel is similar to IE + Chrome combination which makes it better than those two browsers.
  • Browsing tab comes above the address bar
  • Bookmarking is now more easy and customized
  • Quick Find can be enabled just by clicking / then type whatever the word you are looking for. It will spot at the first word simultaneously. (Ctrl+F open Find and / open quick find mode)
  • Alert message is no longer dull, it’s just equivalent to jquery alert effect. I liked it personally
  • Text Area box can be resized. If you need to write longer passage just resize it using mouse over the corner of text box.
  • It highlights the domain name. (again matters for  technical people. It’s not so useful for common users) So in a URL like httphttp://www.aliencoders.org/category/wordpress-category/techno-buzz/internet-related,     www.aliencoders.org would be emphasized.
  • Simplified reload /stop button (in Firefox 3.6.3 it was before address bar.)
  • Home button is introduced like Google Chrome just after the address bar.
  • Auto switch tab:If you are going to open a website which is already opened, it will redirect you to existing tab. This is really cool feature to have.
  • Smooth Scrolling: Earlier it was creating problem if you would open more than 10 tabs but now its new feature lets you scroll through tabs easily to see them all and access the one you want quickly.
  • New option tab have been added ”stay sync”  which helps you to browse your bookmarked websites, stored password, visited websites from one system to another.
  • Auto-fill Form : If you are going to write same value for any form field that you have already filled in some other form, will be suggested and will be auto filled for you
  • No more Firefox crash when adobe flash, Microsoft silverlight or Apple’s quick gets crashed.
  • Now you can view 3D games, videos usinf Firefox Brwoser!!! WebGL brings 3D graphics to Firefox.
  • Supports more than 100 International languages.


Download links:
 windows win32 en-US

 mac en-US

Linux-i686 en-US

Linux –x86_64 en-Us

Note: The beta version of Firefox 7 i.e. v7.0b1 released on 18th August. It  will include some major visual appearance changes. Will be fully supporting HTML tags, 3D video rendering etc….

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Beware of search engine ads: Social engineering in action

Cyber crime in actionBefore proceeding further some common question to all readers.

  • Which search engine do you use? Google, yahoo, Bing, Lycos etc?
  •  How many of you know about virus, worms, malware, spam, social engineering, session hi jacking etc.?
  • How many times you clicked the link which led you to a known page but the web address is somewhat different?
  • Have you ever been the victim of such things, like clicking on image or any link may lead spam installation by default into your system? Or one fake message will be spread to all you friends from your account? (I am sure more than 70% would lie in this category).

It shows that Social Engineering, an oldest but very sophisticated weapon is still active amongst us because of our callousness, lack of proper knowledge about internet activities and all. Recently there was news that Bing search ads are leading visitors to install malwares in their computers. Although Bing  Search engine is not so popular and not having even 20% Google’s traffic but still it attracted cybercriminals to spread worms through it.

How it works?

  • Whenever you search for anything say Fierfox, Flash, Torrent, Google chrome,  any images, songs, mp3 free download (these are most common terms, :D).
  • It will list millions of links and you will see few ads at the top of it, at the right side of the search result.
  • If you click on them (not authenticated or say criminal’s provided link), it will lead you to look alike page and It will allow you to install that particular software also but it may attach its own infected programs with it which will silently get installed without your knowledge.

How we can avoid it?

  • Don’t try to click on ads unless and until you think it is necessary and relevant for your specified work.
  • Check the redirecting links before clicking. When you will hover on that good ad link, at the bottom of the browser, you will be able to see the link. If you find anything suspicious then don’t click on such links.
  • If you have clicked by mistake then before installing or providing any crucial information, please check the web address. If that is the address which you were looking for then it’s ok else just close that website. Ex: You may see Facebook like page and it will allow you to login at Facebook also but its web address will not be https://www.facebook.com
  • Instead of that it may http://www.facbook.com or http://www.fcebook.com or anything except the original one.
  • Don’t trust your anti-virus blindly and be little cautious before doing any activities that may lead attcks to your system.

Ed Bott is an award-winning technology writer who reported this issue to Microsoft. And after 5 hours of reporting, Microsoft banned that particular hosting server and fixed the issue mostly.
A Microsoft spokesperson told him :
Microsoft has identified the malicious ad and took the appropriate action to remove it. The advertiser also can no longer post ads on Bing. In addition, the site’s URL is no longer available via adCenter. We remain vigilant in protecting consumers, advertisers and our network from fake online insertion orders and continue to directly work with our agency media partners to verify and confirm any suspicious orders.

P.S. :Most common way to spread spam is through most famous social networking sites. So Facebook, twitter, Google+ users,  please be more conscious before clicking on any links and before installing any executable files.

Image source: http://www.reverbnation.com/

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Minimal Reasons to prefer Gmail over other Mailing systems

I love GmailEverybody is already well acquainted with the mailing system’s usages. In brief it’s a platform through which you can send, receive your messages with/without attachments. Attachment may include audio, video, books, exe files too! (Beware of social engineering!).

There are hell lot of mail providers are there like yahoo mail, rediff mail, hotmail, Gmail , gmx, in.com and now facebook too!  You can read the features of mail providers from here.

But I personally prefer Gmail over other mailing services due to various reasons:

  1.  Provides space more than 7GB and its continuously increasing bit by bit every second. If you need more space (very rare), you may buy by paying $4.99 for 20GB space. Here are the features of space offer.
  2.  Layout is very simple and easy to use. (May be I am little biased over here!)
  3. You can send attachment up to 25 MB (I know there are many mail providers who may offer more than this. GMX offers up to 50 MB!). But I am ok with it. If you need to send a file of size larger than 20 MB just split it using winrar or winzip application and just mail part by part.
  4. Access too many accounts just from one login id (Isn’t it fascinating and wonderful). You can have access to web analytics, web master tool, Google adsense,  blogspot, orkut, youtube and now Google+
  5.  I liked its various lab features. Few of them are worthy to mention.

    • Undo sent mail within 30 seconds Priority Inbox
    • Showing no of unread mails over tab icon
    •  Move icon column. Now I don’t need to see at the right side of the mail that if anything is attached with it or not. It shows the attachment icon in the left side. Easy for me to identify if anything is attached with mail or not. (Simple but effective)
    • Title Tweaks. I can easily see how many new mails have arrived under tab. It is very useful when you have opened many tabs in a single browser. Instead of Inbox (7) it will show me (7) Inbox.
    •  Sending in the background. Now I can read or do anything with my mail systems while sending mail in parallel.
  6. To read more about these features, please read our post on Gmail Features That You may like

  7. Google’s chat functionality is also cool. Audio chat, video chat, group audio chat and now group video chat too (They call it hangout under Google+ banner).
  8. Now you can take backup of your Gmail contacts, buzzes, Picasa albums and probably mails too.
  9. It have various other features too like Google calendar, Event organizer, Google docs, Buzz which makes it more useful in comparison to other mail providers. (Almost everything you can do at one place with a simple click.)
  10. You can login to more than one account with switch account functionality.
  11. Account Activity facility makes you aware that who accessed your account at what time and from where. If anything unusual would happen in accessing your account Gmail will notify you.
  12. Google tackles with spams in a very smart way. Its mail filtering technology really amazing. It saves our time and electricity too! (Why electricity? Relate it with Global Warming)
  13. Waiting for Google voice and sms functionalities in India. Its available in US already.

Note: This is my personal view about Gmail. If anyone has similar or different views, please revert here with your comments 😀



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Features of different Mail Providers

Different Mail ProvidersThere are many mail providers  over the web but I would state the features of 5 highly popular or useful mail providers. (It’s totally my views, so it may differ person to person).

Gmail, Yahoo, rediff, mail.com, in.com ,lycos, facebook.com, gmx.com, hotmail, aol, gawab, mail.ru, 126.com are a few to include in that list.

1.       Gmail

gmail iconI have already explained why I like Gmail most. There is not much to write here again about this lovely mail provider. You can read our previous post based on Gmail.
In short let me tell you that

·         it’s  easy to operate

·         it’s really very fast

·         7 Gb+ space

·         Attachment up to 25 MB

·         So many lab features

·         Can login to multiple account at one time

·         Access a lot of services just by having one mail id. Like blogspot, analytics, webmaster, adsense, google+

·         Audio and video chat with soothing enhancements

·         Easy to access through mobile devices too

2.       Yahoo

Yahoo iconAfter Gmail, I can say Yahoo mail is ubiquitous over the web, mobile devices, iPad etc with unlimited storage facility, chatting etc.

·         It has almost unlimited storage capacity

·         Attachment limit is 25 MB

·         Keyboard shortcuts are there and are having similar to desktop like interface too

·         No labeled message as far as I have experienced

·         No IMAP access to its mail, so no support for desktop email programs

·         Yahoo! Mail offers free email accounts with yahoo.com, ymail.com and rocketmail.com domains.

·         It can be found in mobile devices too!

3.       Hotmail

hotmailWindows Live Hotmail is again a free email service with unlimited storage and can be considered the most secured mail provider over the internet.

·         Easy to use

·         Very simple layout as compared to Gmail

·         Maximum file size allowed is only 10MB

·         It doesn’t offer IMAP Access

·         You can set hotmail to accept mail from the people who are in your address book.

·         Live messenger is very famous. So nothing more to discuss about it.

·         A vacation auto-responder answers emails in your absence (Almost all mail providers have this feature)

4.       GMX

gmx icon·         It’s a reliable email service filtered well of worms, viruses etc and provides unlimited online storage.

·         It offers a rich web interface which may make you to feel better and more interactive.

·         POP and IMAP access are allowed in GMX

·         No chat and no support for handheld devices

·         50 MB attached file size limit

5.       Mail.com

mail.com iconIt’s good for forwarding mail with various domain names and attachment limit for any file is 50 MB. But it lacks security features and trust of other webmail services.

·         You can choose your mail id from 200 listed domain names. ex: sanjeev@writeme.com or jassi@techie.com (sounds interesting )

·         It offers a calendar and notepad too but can’t beat Gmail’s features.

·         50 MB file attachment size limit.

·         Spam and virus protection is little weak (which may be of major concern while choosing this mail provider)

·         It’s online calendar, solid address book feature may attract intern users

There are other major mail providers also but I think these are at the top with respect to storage, popularity, user friendly aspects.
Rediff has changed its look, now it’s easy to navigate date wise, easy to delete, easy to attach file etc but still I am not sure if it has attracted as many users as those 5 mail providers have.

Here is the comparison of list of web mail providers: http://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Comparison_of_webmail_providers

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5 ways to socialize effectively through Google+

Google+Life is enriched by actively participating in the society. As you know, there are innumerable ways to maintain contacts, communicate and share information through social networking sites. Of late blows the whistle, Google+, being cooked by imaginative Google engineers who are testing and letting tasted by select few user invites, has already spread fumes out. Google+ can help you socialize in a better way.
If you are not sure about the how to’s of Google plus, this tutorial on Google+ will be of help.

Better contact management

The first step to socialize is maintaining contacts. You can easily maintain groups in different circles. Friend contacts can be placed under friends circle, family members can be placed under family circle and co-workers can be placed under employee circles and fans can be placed under fans circles.

You can name a circle as you want. Interactions will be made on a circle basis. What you post in one circle will not reflect in other circle. You can add your friend both in employee circle and friend circle in which case he gets information from both circles. Using circles you can bring friends from other networks like Facebook and Twitter also.

Sharing information

Sharing of information is vital to be social. Sparks is an interesting feature through which you can gather information on various topics of interest. In fact, the Google+ search engine will gather interesting links on its own just by opting the topics of your choice. You can share music, photos, videos and links with a single circle or all circles.

Google is planning to promote music in a big way including sharing, offering live music performance and group listening parties. If you post some interesting or useful piece of item which may be text or image or video, members from your circles can comment on it. By actively approving the comments or replying the comments, you can make it a live platform.

You can even write blogs on your own and start uploading them! Here lies the great opportunity to promote yourself or your products and services, although Google+ does not support business officially as of now.

Face to Face (F2F) Chat

Don’t you love talking with your loved ones, as if you are right in front of them? With ‘Hangouts’ you can gather yourself for video face to face chat. Multiple people can participate in this anytime and anywhere. With video chat, you can share and explain things in a better way, better understand the feelings of other people by closely watching them. If you are bored and no one is readily available, you can watch YouTube videos too while on hangout.

Instant Messaging

If you want to be in touch with your friends through simple text messages, you can do so through ‘Huddle’. You will be able to send short messages to individual or circle.

Of course, you and the one who receives need to use Android application to achieve this. When you invite a new person to the conference, he will be able to access the context from the time of his joining only.

Social gaming

Social gaming is going to be a big boon in the coming days. Google+ is on the way to create an altogether new platform to enthuse both young and old.

Have you tasted Google+? What is your experience?

About our guest author:
Dr. Jane H Sheeba is Research Scientist in Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics at Bharathidasan University.
She runs a self help blog Find All Answers. She is part of the team at Coupon Triumph, a site that features Bistro MD and Diet to go discount coupons among the others. Here are 2 coupons for you: bistro md coupons, diettogo discount 15%.


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Make gmail more social : use Rapportive

Rapportive optionsMany of us use gmail account for mailing purposes. If you will open any mail to read, you will notice that in the right side bar of mail; Google ads showing which is of no use for us (almost).
1. Will not it be nice, if we could get something useful instead of those advertisements? 
2. How about getting social updates from different linked sites from the mail sender?

Rapportive gmail screenshot Rapportive is a  CRM (Customer Relationship Management but i would say Content resource Management though), a  Firefox plug-in for Gmail which will do the same as I said above. It will update sender’s social updates from Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail contacts, blogger profile, twitter, picasa etc. It’s one of the best CRM in the market which can be used as google mail plug-in.

You can install it from here  (Detailed instruction will be there with screenshots).
It get s the information based on sender’s mail ID and also allows user notes at the bottom of the page for personal use.

It’s not only that, even you can comment on his/her updates. Like you can comment on sender’s facebook status, recent pics added, can like or even can retweet or reply to his/her tweets. I liked it very much and its really worthy to use.

Something about Rapportive:
It’s a small company founded in January 2010 by Rahul  Vohra, Martin Kleppmann and Sam Stokes. Check this out: http://rapportive.com/about .
 Rapportive’s fund now have crossed $1 million and this plug-in was suggested by lifehacker.com, techcrunch etc.

What they say: You can immediately see what people look like, where they're based, and what they do. You can establish rapport by mentioning shared interests. You can grow your network by connecting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. And you can record thoughts for later by leaving notes. Imagine relationship management built into your email. For free.

Security Concerns:
People may think that it can read our contents form various accounts, can get our all personal mails etc. But just ask this question again to yourself. Whenever you are linking one account with other, are not they sharing your details?
What matters is trust and second thing is, it requires Google’s authorization to show you the details. Its works in the same way as other third party authorization tool works. So no harm in using it!

Any Alternatives? Yes

  1. Gist
  2. Whosent.it
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Top 20 funny things programmers say

Jokes- Aliencoders20. That's weird….
19. It's never done that before.
18. It worked yesterday.
17. How is that possible?
16. It must be a hardware problem.
15. What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?
14. There is something funky in your data. OR It's a data problem, not a program problem.
13. I haven't touched that module in weeks!
12. You must have the wrong version.

11. It's just some unlucky coincidence.
10. I can't test everything!
9. THIS can't be the source of THAT.
8. It works, but it hasn't been tested.
7. Somebody must have changed my code.
6. Did you check for a virus on your system?
5. Even though it doesn't work, how does it feel?
4. You can't use that version on your system.
3. Why do you want to do it that way?
2. Where were you when the program blew up?
And the Number One Thing Programmers Say When Their Programs Don't Work:
1. "It works on my machine.."  😉


Source: Internet. (emailed by a friend.)

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Youtube founder acquired Delicious too!

Delicious IconQ: What is Delicious? It’s ok that it’s a adjective/noun but what is its role in internet world?
  Delicious (formerly del.icio.us, pronounced "delicious") is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005, then sold to Chad Hurley and Steve Chen on April 27, 2011. By the end of 2008, the service claimed more than 5.3 million users and 180 million unique bookmarked URLs.It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.   
 Source: Wikipedia

Q:  Why delicious? Any use for us?

Ans:  Well, this website is very famous for bookmarking your links related to anything over internet. Its main advantage is that you can access it anytime using internet. Usually, we bookmark our favorite links into the browser only. But what if that browser gets crashed or we upgrade that browser or we installed fresh piece of O.S and browser?  Everything will be gone.
So, It’s a nice idea to bookmark our links online and can share it to the whole world. You can save your online bookmarked links private or public. You can access other’s public book marked links too.

Q: Earlier it was owned by Yahoo but now by Youtube owner. Will it affect anything to our account or bookmarked links?
 Yahoo! has announced that Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. As creators of the largest online video platform, Hurley and Chen have firsthand expertise enabling millions of consumers to share their experiences with the world. Delicious will become the part of their new Internet Company, AVOS.

To continue using Delicious, you must agree to let Yahoo! transfer your bookmarks to AVOS. After a transition period and after your bookmarks are transferred, you will be subject to the AVOS terms of service and privacy policy.

Q: What is this AVOS?
AVOS is a new Internet company founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen who, in 2005, founded YouTube, the world's largest online video platform. Before YouTube, Hurley and Chen were early employees at PayPal, a leading online payment service that is now part of eBay. Delicious will become a part of AVOS, based in San Mateo, California.

Q: What we need to do to use our old bookmarked links and to continue using it?
 1. Delicious in its current form will be available until approximately July 2011.

 2. After that, you will no longer be able to use your existing Delicious account and will not have

access to your existing bookmarks or account information.

3. To continue using Delicious, you must agree to let Yahoo! transfer your bookmarks to AVOS.

Q: What are the reason that Yahoo is transferring the existing bookmarks to AVOS?

Ans:Reasons are:

•        Continue uninterrupted use of Delicious.

•        Keep your Delicious account and all your bookmarks.

•        Enjoy the same look and feel of Delicious today plus future product innovations.

Source: Yahoo Inc

Q: Is it good to have account there after its acquisition to AVOS?
Well AVOS is the company whose owner founded Youtube the world’s most popular online video platform. So, it has great future in those hands. I would suggest one should agree to AVOS’s Terms and policies and continue to use bookmarks as we were doing earlier.




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4 simple steps to use fonts other than English in MS word

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="155"]Windows Custom font Windows Custom font[/caption]

Most of the internet or computer users use Microsoft Office word for document purpose (Those who use Microsoft Operating Systems). This blog will show you how to use different text fonts other than English text.
For example: How to use Hindi , Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam fonts in MS word.

Follow these steps to install your desired fonts:

  1. Download the fonts that you wish to use in MS word. Foe ex: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam etc.   It should have .tff extension. Ex: hindi_font.tff
  2. Save this font anywhere in your system and then copy it to fonts directory. You can reach to Fonts directory in 2 ways
    1. Open C:/Windows/Fonts (will work in Any Windows O.S. like XP, Vista, Win7 etc)
    2. Got to Control panel there you will see Fonts Directory in Windows XP and Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Fonts for Windows Vista users
  3. Open that Fonts Directory and just paste the fonts. You are Done!
  4. Now open MS word and you will see that font name or font style in your font field.

I have tested it on Windows XP and Windows Vista only. If you find any issues in installing fonts into your system or  facing problem in using it. Please let us know we may solve your issues.

You can download few common fonts that may be useful for you from the attached links shown below:

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