Create Google+ profile without invitation

Google+ Everybody is asking me do you have Google+ account. Are you active there. Can you send me invitation?
I just wondered why invitation? You can create Google+ account without invitation too!

Strange but true. All what you need to do is, you should have Gmail  id of course and you should be logged in into any of the good apps like Gmail, orkut, youtube, blogger, analytics etc.

Then just click on this link and create your profile.

Update your profile, link picasa if you wish upload few videos and you are done!. Just wait for 1 or 2 days then You will get mail from Google+ which will be an indication that your Google+ account is active and you can rock and roll there 😛

Enjoy Google+ without invitation 🙂 It's still working but  it may not work in future, If they will find it as a security bug.

Team- Aliencoders

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Minimal Reasons to prefer Gmail over other Mailing systems

I love GmailEverybody is already well acquainted with the mailing system’s usages. In brief it’s a platform through which you can send, receive your messages with/without attachments. Attachment may include audio, video, books, exe files too! (Beware of social engineering!).

There are hell lot of mail providers are there like yahoo mail, rediff mail, hotmail, Gmail , gmx, and now facebook too!  You can read the features of mail providers from here.

But I personally prefer Gmail over other mailing services due to various reasons:

  1.  Provides space more than 7GB and its continuously increasing bit by bit every second. If you need more space (very rare), you may buy by paying $4.99 for 20GB space. Here are the features of space offer.
  2.  Layout is very simple and easy to use. (May be I am little biased over here!)
  3. You can send attachment up to 25 MB (I know there are many mail providers who may offer more than this. GMX offers up to 50 MB!). But I am ok with it. If you need to send a file of size larger than 20 MB just split it using winrar or winzip application and just mail part by part.
  4. Access too many accounts just from one login id (Isn’t it fascinating and wonderful). You can have access to web analytics, web master tool, Google adsense,  blogspot, orkut, youtube and now Google+
  5.  I liked its various lab features. Few of them are worthy to mention.

    • Undo sent mail within 30 seconds Priority Inbox
    • Showing no of unread mails over tab icon
    •  Move icon column. Now I don’t need to see at the right side of the mail that if anything is attached with it or not. It shows the attachment icon in the left side. Easy for me to identify if anything is attached with mail or not. (Simple but effective)
    • Title Tweaks. I can easily see how many new mails have arrived under tab. It is very useful when you have opened many tabs in a single browser. Instead of Inbox (7) it will show me (7) Inbox.
    •  Sending in the background. Now I can read or do anything with my mail systems while sending mail in parallel.
  6. To read more about these features, please read our post on Gmail Features That You may like

  7. Google’s chat functionality is also cool. Audio chat, video chat, group audio chat and now group video chat too (They call it hangout under Google+ banner).
  8. Now you can take backup of your Gmail contacts, buzzes, Picasa albums and probably mails too.
  9. It have various other features too like Google calendar, Event organizer, Google docs, Buzz which makes it more useful in comparison to other mail providers. (Almost everything you can do at one place with a simple click.)
  10. You can login to more than one account with switch account functionality.
  11. Account Activity facility makes you aware that who accessed your account at what time and from where. If anything unusual would happen in accessing your account Gmail will notify you.
  12. Google tackles with spams in a very smart way. Its mail filtering technology really amazing. It saves our time and electricity too! (Why electricity? Relate it with Global Warming)
  13. Waiting for Google voice and sms functionalities in India. Its available in US already.

Note: This is my personal view about Gmail. If anyone has similar or different views, please revert here with your comments 😀



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Features of different Mail Providers

Different Mail ProvidersThere are many mail providers  over the web but I would state the features of 5 highly popular or useful mail providers. (It’s totally my views, so it may differ person to person).

Gmail, Yahoo, rediff,, ,lycos,,, hotmail, aol, gawab,, are a few to include in that list.

1.       Gmail

gmail iconI have already explained why I like Gmail most. There is not much to write here again about this lovely mail provider. You can read our previous post based on Gmail.
In short let me tell you that

·         it’s  easy to operate

·         it’s really very fast

·         7 Gb+ space

·         Attachment up to 25 MB

·         So many lab features

·         Can login to multiple account at one time

·         Access a lot of services just by having one mail id. Like blogspot, analytics, webmaster, adsense, google+

·         Audio and video chat with soothing enhancements

·         Easy to access through mobile devices too

2.       Yahoo

Yahoo iconAfter Gmail, I can say Yahoo mail is ubiquitous over the web, mobile devices, iPad etc with unlimited storage facility, chatting etc.

·         It has almost unlimited storage capacity

·         Attachment limit is 25 MB

·         Keyboard shortcuts are there and are having similar to desktop like interface too

·         No labeled message as far as I have experienced

·         No IMAP access to its mail, so no support for desktop email programs

·         Yahoo! Mail offers free email accounts with, and domains.

·         It can be found in mobile devices too!

3.       Hotmail

hotmailWindows Live Hotmail is again a free email service with unlimited storage and can be considered the most secured mail provider over the internet.

·         Easy to use

·         Very simple layout as compared to Gmail

·         Maximum file size allowed is only 10MB

·         It doesn’t offer IMAP Access

·         You can set hotmail to accept mail from the people who are in your address book.

·         Live messenger is very famous. So nothing more to discuss about it.

·         A vacation auto-responder answers emails in your absence (Almost all mail providers have this feature)

4.       GMX

gmx icon·         It’s a reliable email service filtered well of worms, viruses etc and provides unlimited online storage.

·         It offers a rich web interface which may make you to feel better and more interactive.

·         POP and IMAP access are allowed in GMX

·         No chat and no support for handheld devices

·         50 MB attached file size limit

5. iconIt’s good for forwarding mail with various domain names and attachment limit for any file is 50 MB. But it lacks security features and trust of other webmail services.

·         You can choose your mail id from 200 listed domain names. ex: or (sounds interesting )

·         It offers a calendar and notepad too but can’t beat Gmail’s features.

·         50 MB file attachment size limit.

·         Spam and virus protection is little weak (which may be of major concern while choosing this mail provider)

·         It’s online calendar, solid address book feature may attract intern users

There are other major mail providers also but I think these are at the top with respect to storage, popularity, user friendly aspects.
Rediff has changed its look, now it’s easy to navigate date wise, easy to delete, easy to attach file etc but still I am not sure if it has attracted as many users as those 5 mail providers have.

Here is the comparison of list of web mail providers: http://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Comparison_of_webmail_providers

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5 minimal reasons to write blog

blog powerNow a day almost every internet user is having one’s personal website or blogging website. Even if you are not having one, sooner or later you will be having your own blogging website for sure.
What minimal things are there which will force you to write blog?
According to me, it should be:

  1. write blogTo show your presence over internet

Blogging is one of the best ways to be famous amongst netizens.  Which means you will be popular amongst your locality, company, school/college, country or all over the world.

  • Who doesn’t want to be famous (of course for good reasons only)?
  • Who doesn’t want fans, fame, respect, followers?

Just being a blogger can give you all these. So start writing blog!

 2. To get in touch with like minded people

blog networkIf you are from biology background or say economics or like me a networking freak guy, Web developer etc. You may want to be in touch with people of same profession and of same taste. Internet is the fastest way to grow your own community rather than joining any club near your home! Even your neighbor will meet you most of the time over internet. More networks mean more knowledge you can gain and more efficiently you can put your point over the internet crowd.
Remember, Internet is the fastest way of communication than TV or newspaper!

3. blog addictedShow off your knowledge and get rewarded online

Who doesn’t like to hear praising words like:

  • You saved my day
  • You are genius
  • You are guru in your field
  • I am lucky to have you as my mentor and so on

 Show off (Share in general sense) whatever you know related to your domain. Let’s say being a JavaScript programmer, you can post tutorials, can post your experiments etc. More you will share, more you will learn in two ways:   

  • Just to write a single blog on small topic, you would do a lot research before publishing it which ultimately is going to help you to hone your skills.
  • More you will share more expert comments you will get and other people would share too. i.e. like share one learn multi stuffs principle

                          You may be popular like Linus or Richard Stallman or name any one of your favorite role models.  

 4. Earn  some  bucks from it

write blog for moneyMany part time and full time blogger are even earning more than $2000 per month just from blogging. You can be the example too!. You should write quality blog, should gain user’s trust and keep updating latest stuffs from your domain regularly. That’s it!
Putting Google ad sense, local advertisements, affiliation program, joining few CPC programs can give you what you want from your blog (Of course I meant money only)

If by writing what you like, you can earn money then what’s the harm in it. Let the money come in 😛

 5. Will enhance your skills significantly

As already I discussed about it in my 3rd point that writing quality blog can give not only name & fame but money too! Find your best part that you can show to the whole world by writing blogs. It’s not necessary that it should be technical only and only technical people can have blog.
Any one can handle and manage blogging based website. Check BlogSpot, wordpress etc for better understandings.
You can have blogs on food items, dressing style, music reviews, book reviews, city updates etc.

So, when you are going to publish your own blog?


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Apache HTTP server v2.2.19 released

Apache HTTP ServerIf you ask me which server is the number one http server is over the internet, I would support for Apache HTTP server. It’s very light and very efficient.

The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT.
The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards.

Apache httpd has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996, and celebrated its 15th birthday as a project this February.(updated From Apache homepage)

On 22nd May they released Apache HTTP server version 2.2.19 (stable version) which has many significant changes over earlier version 2.2.18

Its new features mainly include:

  • It’s mainly for security and bug fixes enhancement.
  • It also corrects a versioning incompatibility which was there in v 2.2.18
  • Smart Filtering: It enables filters to be conditionally inserted, based on any Request or Response header or environment variable
  • Improved Caching
  • AJP Proxy: The new mod_proxy_ajp module adds support for the Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3 used by Apache Tomcat.
  • Proxy Load Balancing
  • Graceful Shutdown support
  • Large File Support: httpd is now built with support for files larger than 2GB on modern 32-bit Unix systems. Support for handling >2GB request bodies has also been added.
  • Refactored Authentication/Authorization: The bundled authentication and authorization modules have been refactored. The new mod_authn_alias module can greatly simplify certain authentication configurations.

The Apache people claimed that “We consider this release to be the best version of Apache available, and encourage users of all prior versions to upgrade. Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19 is available for download from: The newly enhanced features are described here:

Visit Apache’s homepage:

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Minimal things to keep in mind while choosing domain name

aliencoders domain nameChoosing A Good Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your site is one of the most important steps towards creating the perfect internet presence. If you run an on-line business, picking a name that will be marketable and achieve success in search engine placement is paramount. Many factors must be considered when choosing a good domain name. This article summarizes all the different things to consider before making that final registration step!

It should be Short and Sweet
Domain names can be really long or really short (1 – 67 characters). In general, it is far better to choose a domain name that is short in length. The shorter your domain name, the easier it will be for people remember. Remembering a domain name is very important from a marketability perspective. As visitors reach your site and enjoy using it, they will likely tell people about it. And those people may tell others, etc. As with any business, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to your site (and it's free too!). If your site is long and difficult to pronounce, people will not remember the name of the site and unless they bookmark the link, they may never return.


Consider Alternatives
Unless a visitor reaches your site through a bookmark or a link from another site, they have typed in your domain name. Most people on the internet are terrible typists and misspell words constantly. If your domain name is easy to misspell, you should think about alternate domain names to purchase. For example, if your site will be called "", you should also consider buying "" and "". You should also secure the different top level domain names besides the one you will use for marketing purposes ("", "", etc.) You should also check to see if there are existing sites based on the misspelled version of the domain name you are considering. "" may be available, but "" may be home to a graphic pornography site. You would hate for a visitor to walk away thinking you were hosting something they did not expect.


Also consider domain names that may not include the name of your company, but rather what your company provides. For example, if the name of your company is Mike's Tools, you may want to consider domain names that target what you sell. For example: "" or "". Even though these example alternative domain names do not include the name of your company, it provides an avenue for visitors from your target markets. Remember that you can own multiple domain names, all of which can point to a single domain. For example, you could register "", "", and "" and have "" and "" point to "".


Hyphens: Your Friend and Enemy
Domain name availability has become more and more scant over the years. Many single word domain names have been scooped up which it makes it more and more difficult to find a domain name that you like and is available. When selecting a domain name, you have the option of including hyphens as part of the name. Hyphens help because it allows you to clearly separate multiple words in a domain name, making it less likely that a person will accidentally misspell the name. For example, people are more likely to misspell "" than they are "". Having words crunched together makes it hard on the eyes, increasing the likelihood of a misspelling.

On the other hand, hyphens make your domain name longer. The longer the domain name, the easier it is for people to forget it altogether. Also, if someone recommends a site to someone else, they may forget to mention that each word in the domain name is separated by a hyphen. If do you choose to leverage hyphens, limit the number of words between the hyphens to three. Another advantage to using hyphens is that search engines are able to pick up each unique word in the domain name as key words, thus helping to make your site more visible in search engine results.


Dot What?
There are many top level domain names available today including .com, .net, .org, and .biz. In most cases, the more unusual the top level domain, the more available domain names are available. However, the .com top level domain is far and away the most commonly used domain on the internet, driven by the fact that it was the first domain extension put to use commercially and has received incredible media attention. If you cannot lay your hands on a .com domain name, look for a .net domain name, which is the second most commercially popular domain name extension.


Long Arm of the Law
Be very careful not to register domain names that include trademarked names. Although internet domain name law disputes are tricky and have few cases in existence, the risk of a legal battle is not a risk worth taking. Even if you believe your domain name is untouchable by a business that has trademarked a name, do not take the chance: the cost of litigation is extremely high and unless you have deep pockets you will not likely have the resources to defend yourself in a court of law. Even stay away from domain names in which part of the name is trademarked: the risks are the same.

Search Engines and Directories
All search engines and directories are different. Each has a unique process for being part of the results or directory listing and each has a different way of sorting and listing domain names. Search engines and directories are the most important on-line marketing channel, so consider how your domain name choice affects site placement before you register the domain. Most directories simply list links to home pages in alphabetical order. If possible, choose a domain name with a letter of the alphabet near the beginning ("a" or "b"). For example, "" will come way above "".

However, check the directories before you choose a domain name. You may find that the directories you would like be in are already cluttered with domain names beginning with the letter "a". Search engines scan websites and sort results based on key words. Key words are words that a person visiting a search engine actually search on. Having key words as part of your domain name can help you get better results.

Note: Check the grade of your website at

For, its showing A+ which manes it is very good domain name.


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Minimal Basics to know about bandwidth


If you are an internet user and If you are the owner of any blog or website then you might have heard the common word “Bandwidth”. Either you go for internet connection or for web hosting plan they will sure deal in this term.

So what exactly this bandwidth is? 
In simple words, it is the amount of traffic that is allowed to you (web space allowed to you from the web hosting server) between your web site and the rest of the internet. The amount of bandwidth a hosting company can provide is determined by their network connections, plans etc. (Free, premium, golden etc kind of plans are there. I saw these in Hosting on Windows or Linux platform may also depend while providing bandwidth.

Network Connectivity

The internet, in the most simplest terms, is a group of millions of computers connected by networks. These connections within the internet can be large or small depending upon the cabling and equipment that is used at a particular internet location. It is the size of each network connection that determines how much bandwidth is available. For example, if you use a DSL connection to connect to the internet, you have 1.54 Mega bits (Mb) of bandwidth. Bandwidth therefore is measured in bits (a single 0 or 1). Bits are grouped in bytes which form words, text, and other information that is transferred between your computer and the internet.

If you have a DSL connection to the internet, you have dedicated bandwidth between your computer and your internet provider. But your internet provider may have thousands of DSL connections to their location. All of these connection aggregate at your internet provider who then has their own dedicated connection to the internet (or multiple connections) which is much larger than your single connection. They must have enough bandwidth to serve your computing needs as well as all of their other customers. So while you have a 1.54Mb connection to your internet provider, your internet provider may have a 255Mb connection to the internet so it can accommodate your needs and up to 166 other users (255/1.54).


A very simple analogy to use to understand bandwidth and traffic is to think of highways and cars. Bandwidth is the number of lanes on the highway and traffic is the number of cars on the highway. If you are the only car on a highway, you can travel very quickly. If you are stuck in the middle of rush hour, you may travel very slowly since all of the lanes are being used up.

Traffic is simply the number of bits that are transferred on network connections. It is easiest to understand traffic using examples. One Gigabyte is 2 to the 30th power (1,073,741,824) bytes. One gigabyte is equal to 1,024 megabytes. To put this in perspective, it takes one byte to store one character. Imagine 100 file cabinets in a building, each of these cabinets holds 1000 folders. Each folder has 100 papers. Each paper contains 100 characters – A GB is all the characters in the building. An MP3 song is about 4MB, the same song in wav format is about 40MB, a full length movie can be 800MB to 1000MB (1000MB = 1GB).

If you were to transfer this MP3 song from a web site to your computer, you would create 4MB of traffic between the web site you are downloading from and your computer. Depending upon the network connection between the web site and the internet, the transfer may occur very quickly, or it could take time if other people are also downloading files at the same time.

Ex: the web site you download from has a 10MB connection to the internet, and you are the only person accessing that web site to download your MP3, your 4MB file will be the only traffic on that web site. However, if three people are all downloading that same MP at the same time, 12MB (3 x 4MB) of traffic has been created. Because in this example, the host only has 10MB of bandwidth, someone will have to wait.

 The network equipment at the hosting company will cycle through each person downloading the file and transfer a small portion at a time so each person's file transfer can take place, but the transfer for everyone downloading the file will be slower. If 100 people all came to the site and downloaded the MP3 at the same time, the transfers would be extremely slow. If the host wanted to decrease the time it took to download files simultaneously, it could increase the bandwidth of their internet connection (at a cost due to upgrading equipment).


Hosting Bandwidth
In the example above, we discussed traffic in terms of downloading an MP3 file. However, each time you visit a web site, you are creating traffic, because in order to view that web page on your computer, the web page is first downloaded to your computer (between the web site and you) which is then displayed using your browser software (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) . The page itself is simply a file that creates traffic just like the MP3 file in the example above (however, a web page is usually much smaller than a music file).

A web page may be very small or large depending upon the amount of text and the number and quality of images integrated within the web page. For example, the home page for is about 200KB (200 Kilobytes = 200,000 bytes = 1,600,000 bits). This is typically large for a web page. In comparison, Yahoo's home page is about 70KB.

How Much Bandwidth Is Enough?
It depends (don't you hate that answer). But in truth, it does. Since bandwidth is a significant determinant of hosting plan prices, you should take time to determine just how much is right for you. Almost all hosting plans have bandwidth requirements measured in months, so you need to estimate the amount of bandwidth that will be required by your site on a monthly basis

If you do not intend to provide file download capability from your site, the formula for calculating bandwidth is fairly straightforward:
Average Daily Visitors x Average Page Views x Average Page Size x 31 x Fudge Factor

If you intend to allow people to download files from your site, your bandwidth calculation should be: [(Average Daily Visitors x Average Page Views x Average Page Size) + (Average Daily File Downloads x Average File Size)] x 31 x Fudge Factor

Let us examine each item in the formula:

Average Daily Visitors – The number of people you expect to visit your site, on average, each day. Depending upon how you market your site, this number could be from 1 to 1,000,000.

Average Page Views – On average, the number of web pages you expect a person to view. If you have 50 web pages in your web site, an average person may only view 5 of those pages each time they visit.

Average Page Size – The average size of your web pages, in Kilobytes (KB). If you have already designed your site, you can calculate this directly.

Average Daily File Downloads – The number of downloads you expect to occur on your site. This is a function of the numbers of visitors and how many times a visitor downloads a file, on average, each day.

Average File Size – Average file size of files that are downloadable from your site. Similar to your web pages, if you already know which files can be downloaded, you can calculate this directly.

Fudge Factor – A number greater than 1. Using 1.5 would be safe, which assumes that your estimate is off by 50%. However, if you were very unsure, you could use 2 or 3 to ensure that your bandwidth requirements are more than met.

Usually, hosting plans offer bandwidth in terms of Gigabytes (GB) per month. This is why our formula takes daily averages and multiplies them by 31 (total days in a month . Maximum is better always).

Most personal or small business sites will not need more than 1GB of bandwidth per month. If you have a web site that is composed of static web pages and you expect little traffic to your site on a daily basis, go with a low bandwidth plan. If you go over the amount of bandwidth allocated in your plan, your hosting company could charge you over usage fees, so if you think the traffic to your site will be significant, you may want to go through the calculations above to estimate the amount of bandwidth required in a hosting plan.


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6 Minimal Steps to make your site popular

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="140"] Website url domain[/caption]

There is more than 50 millions website over the internet. And more are getting daily mostly by bloggers, wordpress or other such blog networking providers. How Google is ranking amongst all these and how you can make your website popular. I jotted down few basic ground rules which will surely help you to make your site much popular.

6 Minimum steps are there that one can implement to make their site popular:

  1. Quality matters not quantity
    1. You might have observed that there are many sites which are having hundreds of posts but not even listed in top 10 pages of Google Search. And there are few website which are having very few articles but are very popular over the internet. What mattersis “Quality not the Quantity”.
    2. Try to write/post such contents which is worthy for users.  Your contents should be unique. It should not be just copy-paste from other websites. It may degrade your website ranking.
    3. Before writing any content, try to do some Google work to see if such articles are already there in market. How you can make your article unique and how you can compete with existing article over the internet.
    4. Choose title for the content which will be unique and much popular over internet. Like top 5 , minimal 5 steps, 5 basic steps, top 10 best or something like that. Ex: Top 10 programming language in 2010 
  2. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="121"] SEO Importance[/caption]

    Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

    1. All search engines have one thing in common. That is they will search keywords through metadata at first. If the title of your article matches with the contents inside it. You may get good reputation over the internet
    2. There should not be any broken links. Every web page should have forward and backward link.
    3. Whenever you are posting any articles try to excerpts (not more than 160 words), keywords, description, author description etc.
    4. Website should not be too slow to get loaded; else users may lose their interest over the content. Don’t use much graphics, and image icons (At least you can avoid them at your home page)
  3. Publicity
    1. Done with above 2 steps! You and your website will not be much popular if there are not much loyal users to visit your website regularly. You can drive the mass users only by publicity.
    2. Spread the words through all popular social networking websites like Twitter, FaceBook, Orkut, MySpace, Google Buzz etc.
    3. You can share  your articles at,,,
    4. You should use some popular forums or blog to post your quality comments and contents, where you can use your website address in your signature. You will get huge traffic through this way too.
    5. Use feedburner or any rss for feeds
    6. Try to put follow us and share button to your website
  4. Choice of Domain Name, Hosting Server
    1. Choose domain name according to your website’s objectives. If it’s for programming purpose then domain name should be contain something like code, codes, coding or programmer, programming etc. Ex:  (for code sharing, discussions, blogging etc)
    2. Domain name length should not be too lengthy. Users find tough to type long domain names (Although there is no harm in it.)
    3. Choosing Popular and good web hosting server always matters. They have already good reputation over internet, search engines etc. So choose good web hosting servers like (most popular in its area)
  5. Choice of Themes, plugins and CMS
    1. There are hardly 5-10% internet users who are good with all coding stuffs and can make website at their own. Mostly people use customized layouts or better say CMS (Content Management Systems) which can be used by any newbies too. Little internet knowledge would do your work.
    2. If you here only for blogging purpose, you should think about, these are two most famous platform available for bloggers.
    3. If you are here to discuss or to provide solutions or something like community based stuffs, you should use phpbb3, SMF, vBuletin, myBB etc.  They all are fully customized and you don’t have to think much about second step (SEO).
    4. If you are thinking to have everything at your box try to use Drupal, Joomla etc.
    5. Use email subscription template , so that interested users can subscribe to your website through email.
  6. Regular Updates to draw attention of users
    1. Once you get loyal users and people are coming to your website regularly, you should not disappoint them by not submitting contents on regular basis.
    2. Try to post 2-3 articles on daily basis instead of putting 10 articles on 1 day and no articles on another day.
    3. If possible post your contents and publish it everywhere at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Because by that time internet traffic remain more in comparison to other time.
    4. There should not be any broken links in your website
    5. Try to include sitemap for your website.

I hope, it will be useful for internet users. Comments are always cherished


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Internet Transfer speed (MBps vs Mbps or MBps vs mbps)

.MBps is an abbreviation for Megabytes per second, whereas mbps and Mbps are abbreviations for megabits per second. Eight megabits equal one Megabyte. These abbreviations are commonly used to specify how much data can be transferred per second between two points.

To put megabits and Megabytes in perspective, lets back up for just a moment. One bit of data is a single “on” or “off” digit, a one or zero. It takes eight bits to represent a single character, or one byte of data. * 8 bits = 1 byte * 1000 bytes = 8 kilobits (kb) = 1 Kilobyte (KB) * 1000 Kilobytes (KB) = 8 megabits (mb) = 1 Megabyte (MB)

We must also translate speed to value when considering Internet service plans, advertised by download and upload speeds expressed in kilobits per second (kbps) or megabits per second.

For example, a typical Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) plan might have an upper transfer limit of 1,500 kbps, which can also be expressed as 1.5 mbps. A cable plan might be advertised with speeds up to 5,000 kbps or 5 mbps; and fiber optic Internet can reach speeds of 50 mbps or more.

Keep in mind that today all internet speed is coming in the multiple of Mega/Kilo bit per second(m/kbps), not in Mega/Kilo byte per second(M/KBps). For converting KB/s to kbps (bit rate from Byte values), the equation is basically as follows: <K> KiloBytes * 1,024 = <t> total Bytes <t> total Bytes * 8 = <b> bits <b> bits / 1,000 = <k> kilobits For example: 30 KB/s * 1,024 = 30,720 Bytes per second 30,720 Bytes per second * 8 = 245,760 bits per second 245,760 bits per second (bps) / 1,000 = (approximately) 246 kbps (245.8 kb/s)

And for kbps to KB/s (Byte values from bit rates), you switch the equations: <k> kilobits per second * 1,000= <b> total bits per second; <b> bits / 8 = <t> total Bytes per second; and <t> / 1,024 = <K> KiloBytes per second.

For example: 128 kbps (k) = 128,000 bits per second (k*1000=b) = 16,000 Bytes per second (b/8=t) , or about 15.6 KB/s (t/1,024=K) . So a 512\128 internet connection would give you about 62.5 KB/s maximum download, and about 15.6 KB/s upload (max). And a 1500\128 service (1.5 mbps download cap) would give you about 183.1 KiloBytes per second, maxium download and about 15.6 KB/s upload(max).

Note: "These are optimum bandwidths. Actual bandwidth may vary due to network traffic and and are not guaranteed. The difference between maximum speed and average speed can be especially large in wireless technology, or cable internet. The varying amount of data traffic on the Internet (and your own LAN, if applicable) and the condition of your computer equipment affect the speed of any connection at any given time." ;

"Keep in mind that [even with a 1.5 mbps connection] you will not normally see 1.5 megabits in a speed test … due to overhead the more commonly seen speed with this type of connection is in the neighborhood of 1200-1250."

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Firefox tweak to bypass blocked sites

Firefox tweaks Hi folks!, Why to use any proxy server or any application when we can achieve the same thing just by tweaking firefox a little bit? Most of the people have account in facebook. People use to open it in an organization frequently. Second things that users wish to do is chat over yahoo or skype or gtalk or aol or jabber etc. Make Firefox to work for facebook:

  • Click on Tools->options
  • Click on advanced tab (you will see general, tabs, content….advanced at last)
  • Click on Network (second option after general)
  • Under connection click on setting button (a pop-up box will come out)
  • Check Manual proxy configuration radio button

    • Leave SSL and SOCKS host blank at  IP address and port no: 0
    • For the rest HTTP, FTP Gopher leave as it is being set by your organization

    You are done! Click on Ok and come out of all those options. Try to open facebook or meebo or chat based site (except orkut). If its saying access denied, try that link with https i.e. or Now it will open (working for me).

  • For chat option you can use, having skype option too) or (click on below shown chat icons)


  • You will not be able to open orkut anyhow.
  • If you gmail chat is disabled, then after setting your firefox option as above said, you will be able to chat through gmail.
  • You can't open youtube too

Check the images below: (click to view larger size) firefox proxy settingsProxy connection settings Let me how its works for you all? Happy Alien browsing !

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