5 Best Mobile Device Apps for IT Professionals

In today’s world every business or technology professional must be able to work and adjust their daily duties from anywhere. There are some that spend just as much time on their phones working as they do on their computers. An IT professional’s working life is all about storing, retrieving, transmitting, and manipulating data. To do so in a work environment increasingly reliant on mobile devices they need the right apps on their phones so that they can access this data anytime they need to. Here are 5 of the most beneficial mobile device apps for people working in Information Technology.

  1. Camscanner
    camscannerThis app allows you to scan documents like journal articles, newspapers, or books. Once scanned, you can share the page via email or PDF. Or you can even upload it to Google docs or some other form of cloud storage. This app can be extremely beneficial for sending memos, instructions, or any other document of importance at any time.

  1. Evernote
    evernoteEveryone forgets something important now and then. If you find yourself coming up with a particularly clever idea or just need to remember the two o’clock meeting you have a half hour after you get back into town tomorrow, this app can serve as your electronic memory. It allows you to record notes, images, and audio clips, you name it. Then after they’re recorded you can hold them safely until you find the time to sync them to your computer at home or at work.
  1. DropBox
    dropboxPresentations, new software memos, or any document that you have been reading or working on can now be saved, shared, and edited on your phone. In the past some have had frustrations with remembering which USB storage device held which project or whether or not they saved that last cover letter to their computer, the cloud, or their USB stick. DropBox allows you to save these types of documents in multiple places and access them from anywhere.
  1. Documents To Go
    document to goImagine not only being able to view and share documents but to compose them and edit them as well. “Documents To Go” is a lot like having Microsoft office in the palm of your hand. For employees on the go this can be a job-saving tool to have and for managers it can allow them to make changes to systems, documents, or presentations used to help organize business from wherever they are standing. While this app does come a bit more expensive than most, its convenience is unmatched, especially if you are not in a place where you can pull out a bulky laptop, which is more places every year as the speed of business continues to accelerate.
  1. Reeder
    reederStaying ahead of the trends and competitors is essential in any type of business. Reeder is known as one of the best Rich Site Summary apps out there. IT channels anything related to your field right to you whether it’s on a blog, site, or form of news feed. This app gives you the latest developments and possible blunders in your line of work and is definitely one of the best resources you can have as an ambitious employee because it ensures that you’re always at the forefront of the latest IT trends.
Our mobile devices are quickly becoming extensions of our offices, allowing us to not only work efficiently from anywhere but to constantly learn how to do it better and excel as professionals.
Richard Turkel is a system admin by trade but a writer by passion. His interest in computers began when he took apart his parents' VCR player just to see how it worked. When Rich isn't browsing the web or stuck in a server room he writes for BMC, supplier of fine mobile management software.

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