Alphabets for Programmers’/Developers’ Kids

Alphabets for IT kidsA: ASP/ActionScript/Ada/AJAX

B: Basic

C: C/C++/C# /ColdFusion

D: Delphi

E: Eiffel

F: Fortran

G: Go

H: Haskell

I:  IronPython

J: JAVA/JavaScript/jQuery/JSON/JCL

K: ksh

L: Lua/Lisp


N:  NewtonScript

O: Object-C/Oracle

P: Perl/PHP/Python

Q: QtScript

R: Ruby/REXX

S: SQL/Smalltalk

T:  Tcl

U: Unix Shell

V: VBScript/Visual C++/Visual Basic

W: WinBatch


Y: YQL (Yahoo Query Language)

Z:  ZPL (Z-level Programming Language)



Sanjeev Jaiswal

He loves web programming and security and co-founder of Alien Coders. He usually shares and helps engineering students and IT professionals in academics and jobs. An avid reader and quick learner.

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