Analysing Social Media Neuromarketing from Inside

In a time when companies know first-hand the tastes and preferences of consumers, thanks to the feedback provided by social media and micro blogging’s, companies are insisting their social media agency who want Neuromarketing data.
You have to enter the brain of the consumer, and extract all the information that is generated inside, in order to manipulate human behaviour when making a purchase decision.
The marketing industry wants to know how the human brain is involved in the different uses and consumption of the people, and how they affect your instructions to the selection process.

The evolution of marketing has led to the development of neuromarketing, which consists of using neuroscience techniques to analyse the reactions of the brain to certain messages or stimuli, and use this information to sell products.
It has been shown that this methodology is very efficient, so it has many detractors who fear their power handling. However, no matter whether we are for or against neuromarketing, as we are able to strengthen our autonomy and critical thinking. The power of neuromarketing is actually in our hands.
Our brain connects the brand with images and subjective and predetermined ideas. How many inputs of advertising we receive a day? I think it's almost better not to think. We get drunk of advertising, from we wake up until we go to bed.
According to the IT Scientists
Scientists have radiographed our brain to extract all kinds of information. They look for the reason of our purchasing decisions, and transmit this information subsequently to advertising agencies to develop new campaigns to these mental mechanisms. Un high number of social media agency is working on these matters because it's really important to launch a new campaign on social media.
And in these years, and not only have to seek the reasons for the decision to buy, but also how can they eliminate other competing brands of our brain, and concentrate all the degree of fidelity in one. That means the brain sends an order with the brand identification.

Neuroscience, adapted to marketing, where everything originates and everything is archived! Neuromarketing rather it is to establish a dialogue with the part of the brain that makes decisions: the reptilian brain. And just not ask … listen.
We are puppets of the brands, we move from one place to another, and they manipulate our movements. We revel in keeping with the style of music that sells clothing store (the same in restaurants or other entertainment business), promotional messages surround us, make us see how much we can save if we acquire now.
We are mere wandering aimlessly in a society infected with business strategies. Social media agencies have understood the importance of this phenomenon, but some brands are still not socially aware of the value of this trend. For example, in a social media agency like, they know it and we are working with different brands to show it. Neuromarketing is a human science that is increasing every day around our trade markets.
Storm is professional writer and also a online marketer. She is currently working with Camp America.

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