Apps for Blocking Online Distractions for Hassle-free Working

Apps for Blocking Online Distractions for Hassle-free Working

Stop adsIn this present technical era, can you think of unplugging yourself from the world of internet? Well, there are very few who can really think of doing so. People have got involved into the apps in such a way that it cannot even think of moving away from the iPad, phone or PC system for a single day.

Can you think of a day which you have passed without checking the mails? It’s impossible…

Many individuals are there who cannot spend half an hour without the iPhone or some other electronic gadgets. If you feel to curb the internet usage, there are some apps that can help you to do so. It is hard to do away with the internet. Can you think of a Saturday when you have not checked your mail or Twitter account?

If you too fall under this category, take a look at the few programs that can prevent you from breaking the digital resolution. Come fight the software resolution rather than fighting the software…
Apps Blocking Online Distractions to Keep Your Work Going

  • Freedom is the first internet restriction program. This $10 program prohibits you from surfing the internet for 8 hours at a stretch. Fred Stutzman is the developer of this software program. The emergence of this software has made mobile web much bigger.
  •  Don’t you want to be totally deprived of the internet? Stutzman brings you another program at $15 – the Anti-Social. This program blocks the social media websites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and also any other site which you specify. 
  • If you don’t want to go for the paid program, there is a FREE alternative open for you. LeechBlock is the Firefox add-on which is designed for blocking the time-wasting websites that can distract you on your working days. 
  • Programs like Klok, Manic Time, Rescue Time and Slife can help you to utilize your computer time effectively. Rescue Time is the best of the lot that provides you the detail of your web activities by the end of a day.
  •  You may like to use your PC system as the word processor. You can do so now at least for once with Windows-based Dark Room and Mac-based WhiteRoom. Your wish can now be fulfilled with these programs! Your PC screen is brought down to one single function, that is, writing. You can enjoy distraction-free writing on your computer.
Use these programs and do your work without any disruptions!

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