Ava Find: An alternate to windows search

Ava FindHi friends, Have you ever noticed that searching any file on a clattered system is how tough through windows search mechanism? I feel irritated sometimes when windows search is on and on and after few minutes , saying that no match found. I have left even thinking that Windows is having such feature and i started using Ava Find 1.5. Its in my favorite application list now. Its fast searching features really amazed me. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Search without delay. (very very fast if its cached)
  • Searches accurately and will show you all the details you might want.
  • Scout Bot finds newly downloaded files automatically. You don’t even have to enter a search or have to refresh it again.
  • Browse Music/Videos/Programs etc folder at single click or you can select select all also.
  • Find documents you just saved: Suppose you forgot, where you have saved it. Not an issue at all if you have Ava Find. 🙂
  • Suppose you don’t the exact file name or folder name, no worries Ava Find does Advanced Name Search i.e. Match file names using * and ? wildcards.
  • Same right-click menu options are there for each file as it is in Windows Explorer.
  • Folders are shown with their sizes next to them. So, you need not to wait for windows properties to show their size.

Fair enough to use it freely or buy it. Ifs its Ava Find Pro then you can do network drive search also and if its free then you might not be able to do all right click stuffs too. You can use free version but after 30 days, it will disable few of the features that you may have in Pro. Its latest version is still 1.5 only Its of less than one MB in size. It costs 40 US Dollar approx. (can use trial version too.) You can download it from here Don’t forget to comment if you like this application.

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