Don’t do these mistakes while blogging

We have discussed “Steps to make your website popular” and this article will also do the same thing for by telling you that what you should avoid while writing blog so that you will not get punished by users and search engines.
There are lots of free web services providers like,, tumblr, freewebs, where people create their blogs and just start posting stuffs without thinking that what’s going on under the hood of that. So, we usually do some mistakes, which may hamper our Google page rank, search results, and indirectly affect our users too!

If you know what those common mistakes are and how can try to avoid those till minimum level you may gain an edge over the other bloggers from the same. Let’s have a look, what we can do to make our website more search and user friendly by avoiding those mistakes.

  1. Don’t use such title and tags which will get punished
Most of the bloggers include fancy, informative keywords in the title and description tags but do not even bother to make them interesting or forget to proof the title and tags by explaining it in simpler words. Once your article ranks in the search engines, visitors will click on your link in the Search Engine.

It may happen that you may get high end traffic due to title and tag for temporary purpose but in long term it will get punished by search engines specially Google. Once users find it irrelevant to what you tried to explain in title, they will never come back to your website even you write very useful stuffs in future. So, think twice before using title and tags.

  1. Don’t use Keywords used casually, it has it’s own importance
For SEO purpose, it is most important that what keywords you are going to use to support your article which will make it competitive over Google search. Never do a mistake by adding keywords which doesn’t support even 5% of your content. Keywords used should be well researched and easily searchable that will not just reflect the quality content of your site but will draw more genuine traffic and you will be popular too with your website.

Take some time before posting article on keywords, title, tags which will be very fruitful in long run. You can get these entire things by using third party tool like SEO stats for WordPress. It will help you in finding some of the most searched keywords that can fetch you good traffic which might miss while doing it yourself manually. (If you are expert in SEO then no need of such tools 😀 )

  1. Try to avoid using heavy graphics to make the site beautiful
I can’t deny that an image is worth of 1000 words but using heavy graphics, for your website will make it slow and will get punished by crawlers, even users will get bored and will move on. Try to use png or gif format of exact size what you need and try to use minimal image required to support your website. Exceptions are game sites, photo studio based sites etc.

Anyways search engines look for text not for images. So, try to avoid adding images where you need to provide information to the search engine or use alternate text if image is necessary to be used. Try to use text in the headers that will help search engines find you easily, if its flash based website specially.

  1. Never ever think of Less quality more quantity
I have already discussed this point in my previous article “6 Minimal Steps to make your site popular”. Here is the teaser for that:
  • You might have observed that there are many sites which are having hundreds of posts but not even listed in top 10 pages of Google Search. And there are few website which are having very few articles but are very popular over the internet. What matters is “Quality not the Quantity”.
  • Try to write/post such contents which is worthy for users.  Your contents should be unique. It should not be just copy-paste from other websites. It may degrade your website ranking.
  • Before writing any content, try to do some Google work to see if such articles are already there in market. How you can make your article unique and how you can compete with existing article over the internet.

5.Update Broken Links time to time

If you are a regular blogger then you would two things for sure while writing a blog you would refer your older blogs which will support your present article and you website will grow day by day. It may happen that you might change the way permlinks should get displayed using different alias method or you may change your CMS platform like from SMF to phpbb or WordPress. In that case links can be broken and would not be accessible to the previous link that search engine would show. Sometimes, it may happen that whatever outbound link you provided doesn’t exist anymore. So keep track of all these inbound, outbound links time to time.

So, always give some time to check if there is any broken link or not and try to fix at earliest else not only user would hate this but search engine would rate negatively. There are various plug-in available for famous CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc.

6.Don’t do mistake by providing links of lower page rank

It is difficult to explain in few words that how it affects your website if you provide backlink or lower Google page rank. I would try to explain “How Google Page Rank works” and “How you can increase your Google Page Rank” in near future. But for the time being, just keep in mind that try to avoid providing any reference link whose Alexa rank and Google page rank is not so much good or lesser than yours unless and until you find that providing that link would increase traffic for your website and quality of content is at par.

7.Must avoid Plagiarism always else quit blogging!

Let me be very clear here that copyright infringement and Plagiarism are not same but both have legal case to face if caught. It’s not just for a website; it’s my personal advice to you that if someone helps you knowingly or unknowingly; try to give some credit to that person. That would not make you honest and trustworthy but the helper would feel great and would try to help in future too without expecting anything but just thanks and your smile. Same applies for the website.

When you are copying anything from someone’s website like images, quotes and even full content; try to give credit to original author who have done lots of hard work to publish original content over the network. It is taken seriously in term of academics, websites and will lead to worst consequences if you are still ignoring this!
I hope it would help the majority of the bloggers (although its common and most of you would know already).

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