Hand-picking Five of the ‘Best Password Management Tools’

password management toolsIf you keep track of cyber news, you will hear constant stories of how hackers enter sensitive data areas of various multinational companies. In 2012 itself, Yahoo was left red-faced when over 500,000 passwords were left unexposed. That is just the tip of the iceberg, and you need to have separate passwords for different online functions. A password management tool is also a handy addition.

Using a password manager implies that you should have a super-strong master password for the tool by default. Picking the right tool can be a little challenging, so here’s a short guide to five of the best out there.


This program costs $39.95 but is worth every dollar you spend. It can be installed on all your personal computers and is perfect for password access on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android device. Syncing with Dropbox is a good option, as you can save your secure database here.
1Password can be used on all major browsers and reduces your dependability on their in-built managers. When you create a new account online, the program prompts you to save details to the database. This way you can skip manual entry when you visit the site later.


The best thing about LastPass is that it takes care of all your password security needs. By storing your sensitive data on its own database, the company takes full responsibility. The robust security around LastPass databases will help you relax knowing that your passwords are safe, no matter what.
LastPass also helps you generate foolproof passwords and offers users automatic login capabilities. Available across multiple platforms, this is the first choice for many individuals and organizations.


This open source password manager has its fan following because of the portability factor. Users can run KeePass through a USB drive, thus removing the need to store information on any one computer.
Working just like 1Password, this program offers Dropbox integration. The only hitch is that KeePass is a tad complicated to master. However, the fact that it is free and extendable makes it a huge hit with a select group of users. KeePass X is the same program made available for Linux and Mac users.


Spending a little below $30 for a single RoboForm license is not a bad deal. This is mainly because the program is built especially for Windows users. It is a good password management tool for those who carry their login data with them all the time. Thanks to RoboForm’s USB feature, one can utilize its features straight from a portable flash drive.
RoboForm even has mobile apps for those who want to control their program from an iPhone, Android, Symbian or Blackberry device.

Dashlane 1.1

Creating a master password for your manager is a breeze with the simple wizard helping you along the way. This elegant tool allows for secure password saving without too much hassle. Elegant to say the least, Dashlane is one of the best free password management tools in the market today.
If you’re making the switch from a different manager (KeePass, 1Password, LastPass and even your browser managers), then Dashlane can import all your information seamlessly. Even though it’s a free program, Dashlane developers have put in all efforts to make it impenetrable by hackers or a virus.
All the five mentioned here offer users a host of features, some of which are common to all programs. Deciding whether you need a paid tool or a free one is entirely your prerogative. Starting out with the latter is a good option, and you can always switch to something better in the future.

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