How to Access MySQL Remotely

MySQL iconIn the enterprise environment you may want to access your MySQL database remotely through ant MySQL client, that client may be SQLYog,MYSQL WAVE or any other client tool.

Well for this you have to assign your IP and the user  certain permission for accessing the MySQL server through remote client.Following is the procedure to assign IP and permissions.

Step 1:

Login your MySQL command shell through root user

Step 2:

Once you have logged in run following command:

grant all on *.* to abc@’xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’ identified by ’123′;

In the above command you can easily understand that a user “abc” is bind to the IP “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” having password “123″ has been granted all permissions to all databases and their objects.

In “*.* ” the first * is used for database and the next * is used for objects of the database like Tables,Views e.t.c and *.* means all databases and their objects.

Via: http://codereflex.net

Image source: http://presto-x.deviantart.com/

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