How can a blogger think like an entrepreneur?

Enterpreneur BloggingAs a blogger you might have the capability to deliver best in class articles. If your blogging horizon is limited to fulfill your writing flair, you should be satisfied enough with the comments posted by your friends and known circles.

However, if you would like to generate money from your online venture, you should turn your articles into crowd pulling articles not only to attract known audience but also unknown visitors. In order to convert your blog into a money generating machine, you should have entrepreneurial skills. We shall check how you can fit into an entrepreneur with being a blogger.


Before the launch a project, you should have done the initial homework about the prospects of various products that you would like to undertake. You can come into the market either with a new product or an existing product. In either case, sufficient groundwork should be done to realize the potential for the product.

You should know the existing products and you should know with whom you are going to compete. You should know the areas or gaps that are to be filled. As this is important for the success or failure of any kind of business even in case of blogging, spending quality time in this aspect will help you launch your product with a solid foundation. You will come with a concrete action plan that makes your product launch a smooth sailing.

Business perspective

A successful entrepreneur will have a business plan. It is required to pull the resources like capital, land, machinery, and material and man power. Fortunately for a blogger, the capital requirement is negligible or nil. If it is a one man army, all the tasks are carried out by a single person. From the blog conception to the delivery all the tasks can be carried out by a single person especially in the initial weeks or months.

As the blog grows, you may need to deploy dedicated personnel to accomplish various tasks. If you are serious about turning your blog into revenue generating platform, you should have a blue-print of your business. For an entrepreneur, it is not only the resources but the product that is going to be launched is more important.

Ultimately that makes the difference in business. Hence, every article that you deliver should be focused to reach the intended audience. You should be able to learn from your audience. You should be able to learn from your competitors. You should be able to learn about new technologies that can better present your content. It is also important to dispatch products to areas where customers are eagerly waiting for your products. Enhanced promotion is required to achieve this goal.

Marketing perspective

However good your product might be or however good your article might be it should be adapted to the current market conditions. The prevailing trends in the markets are very important. If suddenly your entire crowd has shifted from Facebook to Google+, you should be able to catch your audience at Google+ by enhancing your promotions to this end. To achieve this, you should continuously monitor the statistics.

The demographic changes should be analyzed and accordingly you should spread your promotions. You should spice up your articles to attract visitors so that in addition to the value the content delivers, it will add humor or entertainment proportion. Another important factor is the appeasement of search engines.

Since traffic produced through search engines is the major source of income for your blog, you should not ignore the fact that all your articles should be optimized for search engine algorithms. Optimized content will bring optimized results. As the number of visitors to your site increase, you will be able to get more revenue from your blog.

Reaching audience

You should never ignore the fact that customer are lifeline for any business. It is the chain of customers that drives any business. A blogger should recognize this fact and accordingly should participate in entertaining them by replying their comments. You should have presence in forums and discussion groups where you can encash opportunities to convert queries into sales. The impact will be more as large number of quality audience will participate in various forums.


Every business should have assessment at the end of every month or every quarter. This will help analyze the direction of business. Similarly, a blogger should be able to quantify skills and various inputs spent towards blogging and then should be to compare the output with the income generated. As happens with any kind of business, profit figures may not be seen in the initial months as these will be compensated in the coming months by vigorous launch of quality articles coupled with consistent business perspective.

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