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How to hide a file behind a jpeg file

hide folder optionSometimes it may happen that you have to share your computer with your family member. As it happens with me. I have a younger brother and I like to tease him so what I do is whenever he install any new games into my computer I hide the entire folder with the shortcut. When he tries to find it out he got nothing. So let’s work on it. Now I am going to share this tricks with you guys

By this trick, first we create a hidden folder and after that we will hide our important files behind the .jpeg image file. This second trick is very helpful for those people who want to hide some files from their friends; even I did the same thing during my college days. Usually I hide my entire assignment file behind a jpeg image (every time I use an image of donkey).

How to hide a folder?

  1. Right click on the empty area and create a new folder.
  2. Rename the folder. while rename hold the Alt key and press 0160 from your number keypad.(make sure that your number lock is on)
  3. Now press a space bar, Usually it is required to give a name to a folder as you can’t keep it blank, but when you press Alt+ 0160 it will take a ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) value for the space as new name for the folder. It may possible that it read a pixel value of a blank space from the screen as a new name of a folder.
  4. When you will done with step 3 you will find that your folder got hidden now but still folder icon it visible. Refer the image above shown 🙂
  5. Now right click on the folder go to properties then select customize tab and click on change folder icon. In the change icon wizard you find several icon among them there are some empty spaces, so select that empty space as an icon and click on apply.

    folder propertiesicon option

  6. We are done with all the steps. But you have to remember the place on the desktop where you have created a folder. Now place your folder in the corner of the screen. When u selects the area you will find the folder like this.
    hidden folder

How to hide a folder behind a jpg file?

  1. Create a folder in a drive for easy access, e.g. C: (because we have to use this path on a command prompt so mask this path as simple as you can).
  2. Put all the files you want to hide in there, as well as a JPEG image that you would like to hide the files in.

item list option

  1. Select all of the files you want to hide, and create a ZIP or RAR file with them using a program like WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip, etc.(after archiving delete the file).

item lists

  1. Now you have your entire file in the archive folder.
  2. Go to start then go to run and type cmd and press enter.
  3. Now go to that location where you have your archive folder with the help of cd command.

cmd option

  1. Type the following: copy /b womens-day.JPG + Hide.rar  womens-day.jpg (note : if you have a different image and archive name the you should replace the highlighted words with your specification ).
  2. Once you done with the step 7 you should receive a message 1 file copied on your command prompt. 
    cmd image


  1. When you double-click on the file jpg image will get open and when u want to open your hidden file simply right click on the file and open a file into WinRAR (into that application which u have selected earlier for archiving ).

    open with options

winrar options



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