How Much safe your password is?

How much safe you are?If you use internet then it’s but obvious that you will have lots of online accounts at various websites like Google, FaceBook, Twitter etc. Even Bank accounts, file sharing accounts, image sharing accounts blah blah. But tell me frankly how much safe your password and your accounts are?

As a matter of fact more than 8 million American online accounts got compromised because of weak password which security freaks can guess easily 🙁

Most of the online accounts got compromised because of using weak passwords like

  • your lover’s name (after marriage),
  • daughter’s name (any family member’s name),
  • mobile number,
  • pet name (not dog's name but name given by their gf's or name given to their gf's 😛 )
  • native place
  • iloveyou (very common)
  • abc123 (what a joke )
  • mylove@123 (rofl)
You should try to protect your account with strong password which is hard to guess by doing following minimal steps
  • Never disclose it to anyone
  • Don’t ever try to write it on paper for future use
  • Try to use minimum 8-12 mixed characters
  • Don’t use passwords like above mentions points
  • Try to change it now and then
  • Don't use public computer
  • If possible use anti-keylogger
Here is the Image which explains you these in graphical way

Info graphic Source: http://securityknights.com.mx

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