How to Uninstall Microsoft Office 2007 easily

Microsoft Office 2007How to Uninstall Microsoft Office 2007
As new software and programmes are constantly being updated, persons are subsequently being required to change out old software and programme in order to keep their computers updated with those which are relevant.

One such programme is that of Microsoft Office. In order to install and begin using a newer more updated version of Microsoft Office, as with any other software or programme, it is necessary to remove the old version first. As the old adage asserts, “out with the old and in with the new”.

It is not possible to simply try and delete the old programme however. Instead, it is necessary to go through a process to uninstall the old programme. As complicated as it may sound on the surface, uninstalling a programme is not a very difficult process and a professional is not needed for the same. Instead, any novice can move through the entire process of uninstalling the programme within minutes by following a few simple steps.


1.   Turn on your computer and wait for it to boot. After computer has been successfully booted, go to your start menu at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Some computers will simply have an icon to represent this feature.

2.   After clicking Start, look to the right of the pop-up menu for the Control Panel option. When found, select it. After the Control Panel is visible select the Programmes option from the Control Panel.

3.   After selecting the programmes option, users should select the Programmes and Features option. Selecting this option will allow a user to see all the programmes installed on his or her computer and from this window. Persons can modify and or delete programmes from this window.

4.   After opening the Programmes and Features window, users should now go ahead and scroll through the list of programmes on the screen until they have come across the words “Microsoft Office Enterprise” followed by the version of Microsoft Office that may have been installed on the computer.

For example if the current version installed on the computer is Microsoft Office 2007, then users should scroll until they come across the title “Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007″. Other Microsoft programmes may appear in the list but one select Microsoft Office Enterprise as it represents the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

5.  When found users should highlight the programme and look for the “Uninstall Programme” button (this is usually found at the top of the window) and select it. The process of uninstalling Microsoft Office at this point should have begun and will continue until the process is completed.

Some computers have faster processors than others and so may or may not take a long or short time to complete the process of uninstalling the programme. This process generally however takes a few minutes. Irrespective of how long the programme seems to be taking to be uninstalled allow the process to run its course. The computer will prompt users whenever the process is completed.

6.  Once the programme is completely uninstalled as indicated by the screen prompt one received at the end of the process, go ahead and insert the new Microsoft Office disk to install the new or updated version. Microsoft Office installation CDs will begin running immediately upon being inserted into the computer and usually needs no special prompting.
Tips And Warnings..
Computer Programmes are generally uninstalled from Control Panel using a similar method to the one prescribed above. Sometimes however users are not able to use the Control panel to delete programmes such as Microsoft Office and so may have to use an alternate method in order to rectify this problem. Microsoft provides such support on its website.
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