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SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)-The emerging Enterprise IT model

The emergence of social media, increasingly accessible through smartphones and tablets, has made information from all across the world accessible at a touch.

The emerging technology enablers – Data analytics and cloud computing – will play a critical role in allowing businesses to tap into their customers and understand their buying behavior.The amalgamation of all these four enablers – social media, mobility, Data analytics and cloud computing – collectively referred to as SMAC will be the leading business-technology enabler of the next decade .This is the new enterprise IT model delivering an organization that is more connective, collaborative, real-time and productive.

The four pillars of SMAC are:

smac statistics enterprise IT Model

Real word examples: Retailers are strategically deploying the SMAC Stack across key business processes to combine the best of virtual and physical retail shopping experiences.


Latest Global Trends 

A well visualised image depicts more than 1000 words. So, I am sharing this useful image for global trends of cloud computing market, social media effects and use of internet connected mobiles.

Cloud computing and mobile market share by CISCO




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