Step By Step Video Tutorial on Drupal 7 Installation

I have already discussed on the basic part of Drupal like:

This video deals with:

  • Drupal 7 Installation (Drupal 7.14 )
  • Solution of the problems we faced during its installation like

  1. Memory Issue – ho to change 8MB to 16 or 32 MB
  2. MySQL option is not showing up (radio button is not showing for it)
  3. How to use, check and create database for Drupal 7 use

Hope you will like this video and it will help you to install Drupal 7 (v7.14) without any hassle. Keep sharing the good work \m/

Sanjeev Jaiswal

He loves web programming and security and co-founder of Alien Coders. He usually shares and helps engineering students and IT professionals in academics and jobs. An avid reader and quick learner.

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