Tips for writing faultless code in JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that is more prevalent these days due to its easy-to –use characteristic. This can be entrenched onto the header of the web pages thus improving the look of the page and providing many interactive features that is not found in the obsolete programming languages.

Some of the interactive features include special effects, games, graphics, etc. Most of them who are new to programming often misconstrue Java and JavaScript. It is a myth that Java and JavaScript are interlinked with each other.

The fact is that there is a huge difference between the two. Though Java is an equally significant programming language, JavaScript is the easier of the two. There are no requirements of applets and compiling in JavaScript as in Java. Writing codes in JavaScript is as easy as writing codes for UNIX and like there are UNIX tips for better code writing, there are ways for effectively writing Java Script codes too.

Code writing in JavaScript Before beginning with a proficient code in JavaScript, one needs to learn the practical measures that work. One such approach is writing a simple program which provides solution to a practical real life problem. After writing a simple one, fidget with it to get some different ideology.

The following step is to get the basics of JavaScript to get a legible code. Legibility is most important if one wants to effortlessly find the flaws in the coding. Usage of proper variable names is extremely important as far as JavaScript codes are concerned.

If you have an age old experience in writing PHP codes, try and avoid influencing the JavaScript code with a PHP one. Maintain a constant principle for naming of variables so that the code is easier to read and make changes when needed. A good Java Script convention consists of Class Names, the function names, the necessary local variables and names of the exception.

A hint for increasing the readability is to use more white spaces between letters in the variables. For more productivity, use a JavaScript library. These libraries are helpful in solving the issues in the browser compatibility and also act as a source of code. Some of the recommended libraries are the Yahoo UI library, Google Closure, AJS, Moo Tools and JQuery. Always keep the structures of the codes in directories and files.

When your Java Script code sprawls for more than 30 lines, splitting the codes and saving them in different directories and files it look more uncomplicated. The flaws in the codes can also be easily identified. The above are some of the basic tips for effectively writing codes for JavaScript. The author of the above article has also written many on streaming video problems and webcasting that you may find interesting.

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