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Why one should write Guest Post at

Well, Aliencoders is a complete web portal which helps students and experienced IT professionals to explore themselves through leaning and sharing in a professional way.

The blog features high quality technical blog posts that deals with real time problem related to IT domain. The blog is well established, successfully growing day by day with the support of technocrats, internet users, followers and subscribers.

For more details about our website and its history you can read it here:

Guest posting is one of the excellent methods for branding your tech blog/business, getting high quality back links for free and get more technical internet users, new visitors and subscribers as well!
You will have high quality back links and a public profile page like linkedin! (Not exactly).

Your guest post will get constant social promotion. We promise that we will Tweet, like on Facebook, share on Facebook , Stumble it , Buzz it in Google, share with my groups in LinkedIn, Digg, and will do all best possible steps for the promotion of the article immediately after publishing and also at later times too.

What can you write about?

You can write on any technical things which can be useful and mostly tutorials based articles not more than 600 words in related topics/domain

  • Programming Languages Tips/Solutions/Code Explanation. Ex: Perl, PHP, C#, Java, Mainframe etc.
  • Latest emerging IT trends/technologies or ongoing projects like Mobile technology, 4G etc.
  • Blogging Tips specially SEO tips
  • Certifications basics, news, guidelines, on some topics etc
  • Networking and Security based
  • Internet related like Firefox tips, browser tweaks
  • Software Reviews, software information like notepad++, winzip, imgburn etc
  • O.S. based blogs like registry editor tweaks, vim tips, Linux commands related etc.
  • Web development/designing like JavaScript tips, codes, Photoshop ideas

Please do not submit posts that do not fit in these categories.
You will be wasting our time and yours too. If your post falls into any of the major then go ahead and submit. If it’s not matching from the above said points and you feel still its technical and can be useful for common users. Just submit it, I will let you know if it will fit into any of our categories.

Guidelines to post a blog

  • The content must be original. Content which is already published is not acceptable at all. (Check plagiarism before posting)
  • Once the article is published at our portal, all rights will be  reserved and you will agree not to re-publish it anywhere else. However, if your article is rejected or not published here, you can have all the rights.
  • Length should be a minimum of 600 words.
  • Do spell check and grammar check before submitting.
  • All the pictures in the article have to be included in the post, preferably in jpg, gif, or png format. The pictures should not infringe copyrights and proper credits should be given to them. Hotlinking to the pictures is not allowed at all.
  • Our team may edit your articles, if needed. If heavy editing or rewriting is required, we will revert you to do that.
  • You can add up to two links in your profile (which will appear inside author bio at the end of the post). In-content links are allowed only if they’re highly relevant to the content itself. Links to irrelevant sites and SEO anchored links are not allowed. The links in your biography or inside the posts should neither be affiliate links nor be links to porn/offensive/violent websites. Strictly no review and promo posts.
  • You must be willing to actively participate in interactions to comments on your article within 7 days of publication of the post. Else we will respond to them
  • It will be useful for you and me if you could do all sorts of social promotion of the article once it is published.

Steps to submit articles?

It is very important that you go through the steps in the given order (not mandatory except the first step 🙂 )

  1. Register here. If not willing to register just mail your contents with all the details to Thereafter we will take care of your blog post. (Now no need to follow further steps. You are Done! )
  2. Complete your profile by adding your name and a short bio. You can include up to two links in your author bio.
  3. Upload your image or link your Facebook account and it will show your current Facebook profile image.
  4. Fill out the details as much as you can so that our team can review your account and promote it to a Contributor/Author to post in a blog.
  5. Add a new post that complies with the above mentioned guidelines.
  6. Use the preview option to see if your post has good formatting. If you copy pasted your guest post from Word, the apostrophes, listing, coloring won’t behave properly.
  7. Use Image box to insert any images in between. (You need to upload images).
  8. Choose appropriate title and tag for your posts
  9. You can choose category for your post , make sure you have chosen Guest Articles along with other category options to list your blogs under our guest post directory.
  10. Also break the post into manageable paragraphs and include subheadings. Submit the post for review, only after making sure that everything is right by using the preview option.
  11. We will review it and get it published. If We had to reject it or if the post needs substantial modification, administrator will let you know by email.
  12. Make sure that you respond to comments and discussions in your published post. If you fail to do this, I(Admin) will remove your links.
  13. For all communications (from our team and comment notifications) the email id you entered in your profile will be used. So make sure you provide an email address that you use regularly.

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