Perl Programming Training

Learn Perl from the scratchThis Perl course will deal with fundamental and all basic things about Perl that a programmer should know. This course is meant for those who works on any project related to Perl or wish to learn Perl from the scratch.
It is useful for any other group who wish to learn Perl for practical purposes like system administration, web development using Perl, Automating tasks etc.

Perl Programming Syllabus (Course)

  • Course Duration: 40 hours
  • Source of teaching: Online/Classroom training

Brief Introduction

This course covers basic introduction to the programming in the Perl language. Whether you’ll be using Perl for fun or for data manipulation tasks or some complex administration scripts or work on web technologies, you should start here.
These basic Perl tutorials will deal with Perl installation, Perl fundamentals like variables, its scope, references, regular expression basics, database connection, subroutines, inbuilt functions, CPAN modules etc.

The course will have ample set of fully working code as example and lots of coding exercises will be done.


You should have Basic Computer knowledge. This course is also suitable for programmers who are converting to Perl and have basic idea of programming languages like C, C++

Subject Background

Perl is a very widely used programming language indeed, but its name isn’t well known outside the programming community as it’s an open source language that lack the marketing “hype” – it’s just a superb technical tool in a very wide variety of applications.
Its name “Perl” is an acronym which   stands for the “Practical Extraction and Reporting language” . Name itself says for what purpose this language was developed by “Larry Wall” :DA new release of Perl – Perl 6 – has been undergoing development for a considerable time. Our course covers Perl 5 and I will be using perl v5.10 or 5.12,
We will have brief look on Perl 6 so that new code developers will be able to take advantage of it once it’s available to them.

Course Content

  • History of evolution
  • Why Perl
  • Uses of Perl
  • Perl on Linux, windows
  • Real life examples
  • Books on perl
Perl Fundamentals
Control structure and loops
  • if, if else, if elsif else, nested if else
  • for, foreach, while, do while
  • next, unless, return, exit, last, until, redo
  • Ternary operators, goto label,
  • Given and when similar to switch and  case
Useful/necessary functions to memorize
  • chop and chomp
  • sort and reverse
  • caller, wantarray
  • exec, system and eval
  • uc, ucfirst, lc lcfirst
  • grep and map
  • length
  • undef
  • qw, qq,q, qx, qr
  • warn, die
Array Functions
  • push and pop
  • join and split
  • slice and splice
  • shift and unshift
Hash Functions
  • keys
  • values
  • exists
  • defined
  • delete
  • each
Array and hash manipulation
Inbuilt special variables
Regular Expressions basics
  • Regexp basics
  • Modifiers, quantifier, metacharacters
  • Pattern matching, search and replace, transliteration
File Handling
Introduction to Modules and Packages
Database Connectivity
  • Connection to the database
  • Manipulating the fetched values from databases
  • Inserting/updating database

Brief overview on Perl 6


  1. Sanjeev’s Perl training class was interesting all through the course. He explains the concepts in simple , lucid and interesting manner. I like his style of breaking complex scenarios into simple modules and explain them in detail.
    – Giridhar, System Admin.

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