HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language, is tha language used to create documents to display the data in an organized way.  It was Tim Berners-Lee and hist eam  who invented world wide web conept and HTML, HTTP protocols and url around 1990, which all we know fully or partially

Wherever we go in this internet world, you can't imagine to browse the website without getting HTML involved. Either you observe it or not but it's finally HTML who shows you contents in fashined manner. Just check view source (right click on IE) or do ctrl+u in firefox you will see what HTML is meant for 🙂

Who should learn or attend this course
  •     If you want to learn HTML basics to create your own static website at least
  •     If you want to know how HTML affects your existing website
  •     Just for the shake of knowledge
  •     Those students who wish to make a career in web development
  • Should know basics of internet and computer knowledge
  • Should have computer  with sufficient hard disk space and internet connection
Syllabus  for HTML training

Session 1

  • The World Wide Web (WWW) and history of HTML
  • Hypertext and Hypertext Markup Language
  • Why HTML
  • Prerequisites
  • Objective of this HTML course
 Session 2
HTML Documents
  • Dividing the document into 2 parts.

    • Headers tags
    • Body tags
  • Paragraphs
  • Formats
  • Elements of an HTML Document

    • Text Elements
    • Tag Elements
  • Special Character elements
  • Image tags
  • Table tags
  • Lists

    • Numbered list
    • Non-Numbered lists
    • Definition lists
Session 3
  • Anchor tag, Name tag etc
  • Hyperlinks – FTP/HTTP/HTTPS
  • Links with images and buttons
  • Links to send email messages
  • Text fonts and styles
  • background  colors/images
  • Marquee Behavior
Session 4
  • Forms related tags (action, method,name,input,submit etc)
  • Multimedia
  1. Inserting audio files
  2. Inserting video files
  3. Screen control attributes
  4. Media control attributes  
Session 5
  • Status Codes
  • Introduction to HTML 5

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