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Drupal LogoDrupal Course for Website Development
The syllabus has been divided into 7 sessions. This course will be available online very soon.
Those who wish to learn individually or if any institute wants to call us, they can mail us at
Duration of this course is 20 Hours approx.

For whom it will be useful?

  • Those who wish to learn to create a website using Drupal CMS
  • For students who wish to do a project on web development
  • For individuals who wish to create a full-fledged website for their own use.


  • Should have basic knowledge of web hosting
  • Should have used internet and should be able to working structure of internet
  • If a person knows PHP and MySQL, then it will be an added advantage but it’s not mandatory though
  • Basics of HTML and CSS, so that one can play with the customization of themes

Drupal Syllabus

Session 1 ( 2 hour)

  • Introduction to CMS and Drupal
  • Drupal's requirements and how it works
  • What Can Drupal Do?
  • Installing Drupal
  • Downloading and installing Drupal on a system

Session 2  (2 hours)

  • Administration menu
  • Site information
  • basic information on  pages
  • Monitoring performance
  • Reports
  • File structure and layout

Session 3 ( 2 hours)

  • Setting up the theme
  • Managing Users
  • Setting user profiles
  • Controlling site access with permissions on each profile type
  • Creating users
  • Creating contact forms
  • Layout with blocks

Session 4  (2 hours)
Meaning of

  • Nodes
  • Stories and pages
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Comments
  • Polls
  • Taxonomy
  • Input filters
  • Feed Aggregator

Session 5 (4 hours)

  • Managing Site Content
  • Content categories
  • RSS feeds
  • Fiddling with  Themes and its CSS part
  • Choosing theme according to your needs
  • Finding and installing a new theme
  • Modules
  • Finding and installing  modules
  • Configuring modules
  • Some essential  Modules
  • The calendar modules
  • building a calendar page
  • building a calendar block
  • creates events for calendar
  • Multilingual Support system (Transliteration)

Session 6 (3 hours)

  • Custom content types with CCK
  • Menus and its types
  • multilevel menus and custom menus
  • Drupal Data Fields
  • Content Construction Kit (CCK)
  • Creating new content types with CCK
  • Hiding the Body field
  • CCK field data in the Title field
  • CCK field placement
  • CCK's other features
  • other CCK field types
  • Date as a CCK field
  • Images as CCK fields
  • Connecting content to existing nodes

Session 7 (4 hours)


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